Strip News 3-19-10

Okay, I’m a little late but getting back on track.

Webcomic Overlook meh’d By Moon Alone and panned Xylia Tales – it’s noteworthy that the creator is responding in the professional manner she is known for. Bravo. Panel Patter liked Wondermark and Pigs of the Industry reviewed Island, Alone and Night At The Western. Spwug hoped that Misfile will get better again and Webcomics Critique does a Friday Webcomic Shout Out. Luprand also gave us plenty of links to Dume.

I Love Rob Liefeld reviewed Riel #1 while Optical Sloth covered Narcolepsy Dreams/Numbskull, comics by Tom Hart, Colin Upton and Sean Bieri. Comics Worth Reading examined the End of the Archie Marriage Storyline and Panel Patter looked at Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. Webcomics Critique The Cobweb Detective and heartily recommended it.

Bleeding Cool is looking for a Zenith Paperback and Fleen had an upbeat post with some comic encouragement in it. Now might be a good time to acquire a couple of Toothpaste For Dinner original comics, if you’re a fan. Nothing Happened turned one year old, Stop Paying Attention got its own digs and Last Resort – Forst Against the Wall is on sale– congratulations!

Rocket LLama interviewed Farah and DeGaine and Daily Crosshatch talked with Ryan Alexander and Graham Annable, part 2. Mpd57 interviewed Miguel Sanchez

Olaf Olstrand had a fun comic idea worth trying and hopefully there are more good ideas to come. Superhero Nation had a good editing checklist for long form story comics.

♦ And speaking of long form comics, MAD went bimonthly. Kottke posted the new rules for reviewing media, which discussed what people are saying in product reviews these days. Interesting trend – would you rather that a review was all about the binding and cover of your mini comic or about the content?

♦ In totally unrelated news, Hugo Weaving may be the Red Skull someday. He’s one of the few actors who can actually play a villain.

Down The Tubes featured Badham, who wants to talk to talk to British small press creators for an article he is writing. Fraggmented mused on George Lucas’s Big Mistake. While good points are made, I think the bigger problems in SW have more to do with short-sighted storytelling instead of planning for sequels. Luke and Leia being twins feels like something tacked on afterward and later in episode I, Midichlorians are used to explain force ability which backfires when one starts thinking about the logical story ramifications of such things.

♦ For comic advice, the INTERN‘s number one point in this writing post is never to put something out “anyway.” Anyway means you worked on it and then gave up before you were happy with it. Don’t give up on it.

♦ I happen to think that a richer experience can be had enjoying content on the web with the addition of muted sound. What I tend to get now is most sites without sound and those few diehard sites that have to, need to and demand sound…well those sites have obnoxious, blaring music that springs out of nowhere. What if we had low volume, subtle music that matched the intensity of the comic update, for instance? Kind of like movies do? Can’t music be used to enhance without trying to overpower?

♦ So let’s say that you made a comic pdf available for download and told folks to freely distribute it, as long as they made no changes. And you made sure to add working links back to your site and maybe the individual posts where the comics originally were posted. That, according to #25 can add to your Google site rank. Now imagine if some other sites offered your pdf for download and you submit the to lots of free content sites. That’s lot of link love.

♦ Maybe you want to break new ground and create comics with images, html and css. To do that, you might want to use pure css speech bubbles. And then you would probably want to know some facts about fonts – I found the statement in this font and reading article about the difference between serif/sans to be eye opening. Also, turn down the brightness on your monitor.

Randy Cooper had a tie bomber model for sale but the link is gone. To get an idea about what you missed, check out the Jawa’s rolling base. Cosplay Diary mentioned the Albany SFF Extravaganza on Sunday March 21st in AlbanyDawn Chapel had a good article about merchandising your comic; specifically thinking about what will give you the most bang/profit for your time. I do happen to think that Zazzle is misrepresented in one area – you currently can set your percent markup with a minimum of ten percent.) Anyway, because of this article, I’ll be removing some of the advertising spots on this site.

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