Strip News 3-12-10

Since I really need to finish up some database migration chores, this week is a little light. Best I could do under the circumstances, etc. If all goes well, I’ll be back next week with replacement reviews and the expected comic news. If it doesn’t, Artpatient begins anew with zero history and the aforementioned reviews and news.

♦ Let’s start off this week with celebrating Odori Park reaching the one year mark. But there’s more; check out the Press Release…
On Saturday, March 13th, creator Chris Watkins will celebrate the first anniversary of his webcomic Odori Park. Updating consistently three days a week (M/W/F) since March 13, 2009, Odori Park chronicles the gaffes and romance of Colin and Arisa Easton, an “east marries west” international couple with a toddler son named Sprout, and a small used bookshop to look after.

To mark the occasion, Chris will be posting a series of guest strips, crafted by fellow webcartoonists and comickers, through the end of March and into early April. The deadline for guest strips is Monday, March 15th, and anyone who’d like to offer up an Odori Park guest comic for possible posting can read the guest comic details here.

The current storyline running in Odori Park also celebrates the anniversary, as Arisa and Coiln share their memories about their very eventful first wedding anniversary. (And Colin swears it wasn’t entirely his fault.) Please come visit Odori Park to read and enjoy!

And, while we’re handing out congratulations, Zach Oldenkamp managed to win the day with The Garrison Award. Plus, Zip and Lil Bit are back from hiatus.

♦ Also, Addanac City alters the comic’s update schedule.

Behold the Power of Comics. I mean, you already knew that but this book might be worth reading.

Tangents thinks Runewood Abbey might be at just the right spot for new readers to jump in. Webcomic Overlook tells us why the awesome Natalie Dee is so good.

Superpunch shared something mythtacular and Electric Sheepish.

♦ And whatcha think? Would you pay for someone to make sure your site content doesn’t get reused? I don’t think it’s a bad business idea as much as trying to keep an eye on every page on the internet might be a little … too big of a job. If there were such a business – in our case, perhaps we’d have to title them COMIC COPS. Two by Two, Hands of Blue…

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