Strip News 3-6-10

♦ Somehow I missed mentioning Tangents’ review of ReMind last week but I did catch Webcomic Overlook’s review of Shi Long Pan this week.

Life of Darrell reviewed Asterios Polyp and Panel Patter told us about Kool Aid Gets Fired. Fictions reviewed The 323 Detective Agency.

GirlsDrawinGirls interviewed Anne Walker and Rocket Llama talked with Janine Frederick. Koltreg interviewed Dave Shabet – it’s always interesting hearing about how an artist enters webcomicdom. Also interesting is a peek into MAD illustration with Tom Richmond. Have you never wondered at the sheer number of celebrities in Mad’s crowd scenes and who decides which one get put in there?

The Daily Cartoonist posted about an animated B.C. and Kenny Chronicles talked about Bizaroo. On the other hand, Pointe East is going on hiatus.

Blambot shared Dawn of the Ninja plus made two new fonts and updated some older ones. Chris’s Invincible Super Blog showed us the brand new Awesome Hospital.

♦ This is older, but I just ran across Olafs Teikneserieblog which has a sure fire way to improve your comic. And do we have a Twingly?

Katie has been busy, huh? Good stuff.

♦ The Backroom brought us Indy Comic Book Fail Lession 1: Why Bother? – which really can’t be disputed. And INTERN helps us see what new kinds of Deus-Ex-Machina are in the YA books these days. Project Waldo looked closely at word balloons. And the Casual Webcartoonist rightly told us to just say no to freebies… Well, sometimes yes if you want to be accurate.

♦ Anyone else musing on how we might take advantage of Twitter advertising? It seems pretty easy (few clicks) to forward a link, for instance. It’s a perfect situation for online comics to quickly spread by friend-to-friend recommendation. Yes, not everyone is ‘friends’ on Twitter and yes, nothing is stopping anyone from doing that now. But, I’m thinking if someone is already on Twitter and the comic is right there in front of them, they’ll be more likely to share it if it amuses them.


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