Strip News 2-26-10 reviewed Gelgun and Hawkrider. Webcomic Overlook covered Haunted and panned Girls & Sports. Webcomics Critique talked about review requests and three comics that requested reviews.

Fictions reviewed Little Mouse and Green Manor, recommending Volume one but skip two. Panel Patter liked Blue Monday, the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and Marmalade Boy but calls Hicksville a must read. Optical Sloth looked at Superstar #11 and an anthology entitled Baltic Comics Magazine and said it might expand your horizons.

♦ A couple of comic news places mentioned Zahras Paradise earlier this week, but I first saw it on Lines and Colors. This caught me by surprise but TUNE is already on chapter 6.♦ Wouldn’t it be fun if we could get readers earning (and buying) site cash? We could get Hobbes Bucks or Hark Doubloons, maybe. Seriously, it’s an interesting angle that could be used to promote involvement in a comic’s site. Perhaps you could earn some site coin when you donated real cash, commented or created fan art which could ‘buy’ a cameo or an in-comic product placement, if you want to get all entrepreneurial. Maybe with enough web dollars a fan could buy a fan page with their own custom written comic. Imagine you could get a Ranger page on Moose Mountain or an expensive mad scientist character flashback. And, of course, this is a nice way to make sure ads look like they belong on your site.

Kleefeld hit the four year mark and celebrated some other people’s work in comics. Fall on Me also crossed a milestone, so congrats to both of you.

Curls is having a Twitter contest and Project Rooftop returns with new contributors and new guidelines. heh. Check out #7 of the guidelines.

Webcomics Community examined Estrangel’s Site and if you want to make speech bubbles for your web page decoration – without using images- try the technique here.

♦ This is What NOT to do when sharing your creative work. You could, instead, dress up your book it help it stand out.

♦ We also learned this week that there are some biases in color wheels. Which you probably already knew – I do recall seeing a color map where there were far more blues and greens that the eye could see than reds and yellows.

Webcomic Planet wants you to signup for an advertising war. I don’t see the rules anywhere but perhaps there is more info coming later.

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