Strip News belated 2/12/10

Okay, so I’m a couple of days late this week but it couldn’t be helped. of the Industry reviewed Pavlov’s Dream, Beyond the Borderlands. You’ll want to stop by Warren Ellis’s blog and see what new webcomic suggestions have been added. Mpd57 reviewed Techno Insecto and Monsterplex (plus rethinks his Zuda strategy.) Webcomics Critique looked at Moon Town and Luprand examined Doomed To Obscurity. Suite 101 recommended Holocrash and Panel Patter liked Hermit Hill, which is a nice way to round out the comics list.

Ghetto Manga reviewed the latest Robot 13 and so did Surfing the Bleed. Rocket Bomber looked at Sexy Voice and Robo and Fictions looked over The Everyday Adam Cadwell, Path, IR$, Harker and Manga Kamishibai. Panel Patter reviewed Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Book 1 and two as Newsarama talked about Crogan’s March. Optical Sloth reviewed Odd Jobs and Smoo.

A Nickel’s Worth interviewed Rob Harrell and ComixTalk talked with Kazu Kibuishi.

♦ In other news, the Chicago Tribune made comics bigger to a chorus of cheers and boos. And Undead Backbrain rallies to the defense of the art in Robot 13 while Kleefeld talked about kids comics.♦ Speaking of art, Art & Story talked about the big dynamism and your comic from the ground up, part 6. ComixTalk gave a rundown on webcomic publishing software.

Webcomics Community inspected the underling site and Comic Geek Speak had an interesting conversation about digital comic sales hurting the comic industry. I see digital as the next avenue for comic publishing but the initial post did make me ask ‘where is the urgency for digital media?’ We used to have to wait for the next trip to the comic store and we’d get a batch of comics but now the urgency is just not present in the distribution model. You do wait for the next update but you can go read your favorite webcomic’s archives anytime. I wonder what the allure is to (say) six years worth of comic archives always being available. I think the webcomic audience has shifted sufficiently that this needs to be re-examined on a case by case basis.

spiderman6zp7Andertoons headlined Problogger for a day and I’m still absorbing Madinkbeard’s discussion about Abstract Comics.

♦ If you live near San Jose, perhaps you can enter this graphic novel contest. If not, try the Concept Art FULL RIDE Scholarship.

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