Half a review of Maggot Boy

What Did I Learn?

http://www.drunkduck.com/Maggot_Boy/index.php?p=378902Maggot Boy by Flipsidered starts out with this great sketchy line that has tons of energy and some good colors thrown over top of it. The characters and props all have lots of fun exaggeration.

The comic starts out in color and then goes black and white for awhile. What is important about this is that the comic was likely scripted out with clear flow of action, story and dialog AND THEN when the drawing was done it had a flow that added something more to the script. It’s not important that the colors aren’t finished or that the panel borders are added afterwards in Photoshop.

The story starts out with Chainey emerging from the city dump. And then I see references to zombies. So I skip to the end and read some of the character bios on Flipsidered’s DeviantArt page. A number of the characters are some form of dead or other. Eh.

I’m sorry about stopping my review of Maggot Boy at this point -but- you should also know the previous twenty or so comics I looked at reviewing were also zombie comics and I’m just not a fan. I’m exhausted from getting halfway into an archive before the dominant zombie feature is revealed.

What Did I Learn?

I really, really liked the art, even without the color. The page designs all had a clearly readable flow and the panels served as punctuation. So if you can deal with the zombies, check out Maggot Boy and see how the art just doesn’t tell the story but adds to it.



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