Strip News 1-29-10

The rest of the world is doing the iTablet shuffle, so in the meantime… Overlook reviewed Order Of Tales and Webcomics Critique looked at Wet Raspberry while mpd57 gave us a glimpse of Savings Account. Panel Patter reviewed EQ Comics and Pigs of the Industry covered Road Monster, Iron Sam and Candy From Strangers. Scott McCloud talked about Ivy and mpd57 liked Phantom Sword and was somewhat surprised by Harkovast but was almost confounded by War of the Woods.

Optical Sloth reviewed Itchy Scaly, Tom Hart, The Magic Whistle, comics by Kenan Rubenstein and a hyperbolic million comics by Kevin Huizenga. Fictions reviewed comics by Tomine and Watson. Panel Patter looked at Soundtrack and Kleefeld talked about The Toon Treasury of Classic Children’s Comics. Talkin Bout Comics picked up Chew has stayed busy and looks to get busier and Erik Larsen had an idea that might boost the sagging comic industry, whether or not you agree with five page stories. Warren Peace was pretty impressed with Footnotes in Gaza and I’d love to find a review on this book about comic history. Anyone have a lead?

Koltreg interviewed El Santo, Agent X talked with Rhys McDonald and Icv2 spoke with Silent Bob. Since I need more fingers and limbs to point to all the cool stuff you guys are doing, I’m glad we can rely on Paperless Comics to report the goods as well as The Daily Crosshatch which covered all this stuff and some other delectable comic treats. Plus, Webcomics Critique gave a roundup with commentary on webcomic advice sites and Tangents told us that El Goonish Shive turned eight. Congrats! Comics sponsored a snowman hunt and Thunderchickens bowed out. Koltreg is looking for an artist and Kenny Chronicles recommended the The Abominable Charles Christopher. The Underwire gave us an interview with a Physics professor who wrote The Physics of Superheroes. Here’s a quote from the article: “I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could teach an entire physics class, covering everything from Isaac Newton to the transistor, but without an inclined plane or pulley in sight,” Kakalios told in an e-mail interview. “Rather, all the examples would come from superhero comic books and, as much as possible, those times where the heroes got their physics right.” Cool, huh?

Pigs of the Industry got a little cantankerous about the monthly Zuda elections and Webcomics Community critiqued Big Sandy Gilmore’s site. Robot 13 continues its march to conquer all venues of e-publishing.

♦ Maybe you have a bunch of drawings or funny photos and you want to create a photo collage with them for your website background. Maybe a collage arrangement would work great for your comic’s cast page. Maybe this sparked a truly creative use for a collage sort of layout. Now, if only you had an easy way to create a collage layout.

New comic on the way?

♦ The Webcomic Asylum helpfully linked to 50 tools and resources for webomic creators and Mashable showed us this cool HTML5 trick you may want to emulate.

Kleefeld helped establish comic history and definition in terms of bp and Our Last Gasp has come to an end. Forbidden Planet talked about What Things Do and InFurNation mentioned a book on the History of Comic Strip Art.

♦ There is some much going on, isn’t there? Even the Washington Post can’t stay out of webcomics. Superhero Nation made a nice checklist of storytelling blunders to avoid and wants to make our characters opinionated. The Dish mentioned the School Library Journal’s picks for ten comics for the classroom.

Bleeding Cool talked about Wowio’s restructuring and Atomic Robo announced some cool animated shorts on the way.

ComixTalk talked about some events of interest, too. Apparently, being syndicated is less and less worth the trouble.

♦ Don’t forget to review the history of motion and don’t get yourself banned by the Chinese authorities because of your webcomic.

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