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What Did I Learn?’s comic is found on the Unamused Comics site – complete with the tagline: “More Humane Than Slowly Bleeding To Death.” I hope that’s true. Here’s our contender: Insert Comic Here by Zack Holmes

First off, this strip has two different kinds of updates. Random Jokes and the Storyline are updated independently, although the kind of character humor is consistent between them. One of the random joke strips is shown to the right, but usually these consist of two or three comics in a short storyline.’s a useful approach on a number of levels. You satisfy the story-philes and still give the gag-cravers something too. Plus, you could react to current events like new movies, celebrity shenanigans or crossovers in the gags or even tie events from both comics together from time to time.

Zack is the blond haired guy with the ponytail, Jenny is the dark haired girl and Datchet is the dark haired guy. He is not be confused with the guy who used to live in the ceiling … but it’s a long story. You can get a quick overview of the characters on the cast page – just the top box. I think that’s is every one of the characters ever shown, too.

Altogether, they are a pretty volatile bunch who are not afraid to cause a little ruckus. Fortunately, the storyline stays pretty volatile and covers a lot of ground, too.

What Did I Learn?

It’s easy to think that you can either create a gag comic or story comic. This comic clearly shows that perspective is arbitrary and limiting. Some story types allow for a greater deal of varied approaches than others but new things are always possible. For now, just look over Insert Comic Here and see another take.



  1. Tracy Brady Cartoons

    “This comic…shows that perspective is arbitrary and limiting.”

    How so?

    Also, I think the flexibility between gags and storylines, comes mostly from the liberty being self publishers give us.

  2. You know, I wrote that and then spent some hours over two days trying to put into words what I’m imagining. I realized that it would take a bit longer than the time I had for my thoughts to percolate out coherently.

    You are absolutely right for calling me out on it and right about the self publishing allowing for greater approach. (Newspapers and mainstream comics are pretty restricted in content and style but they really don’t have to be.)

    Still, the basic delivery choice that comic creators have consists of much more than gag and story approaches. Some obvious extensions of this could allow for a companion comic to tell a small story full of side information about the comic world. Another kind might have multiple sides of the same story told in different comics or the same character having adventures in one comic and their older self commenting on the same adventure in another.

    Again, these are obvious but there are some clever uses this concept could be put to to great effect. There are bound to be principles and rules of thumb common to them which would help this double comic technique to be used to the full. Or so it seems to me.

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