Strip News 1-22-10 do I start? (Note: Typos edited.)

♦ The Webcomic Overlook reviewed Dead WInter and Lily Of The Valley while Webcomics Critique talked about Least I Could Do. Webcomic Community critiqued and mpd57 reviewed War of the Fallen, Pavlov’s Dream and Road Monster.

Fictions thought Orbital Vol. 2 was pretty decent and The Banal Pig Anthology was very good but Buck Danny was a little lacking. Newsarama looked at The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the 21st Century. Madinkbeard showed us a mini book called Friday and Optical Sloth reviewed Nathan and the Land of Robots and Important Comics. Forbidden Planet looked at Betelgeuse – the Survivors and Sole Searching. Beast interviewed Skin Deep’s Kory Bing and for those who haven’t seen this site yet, you can get a sense of what we can expect here. Webcomics Community asked for everyone’s list of their top 5 unheard of webcomics. Atomic Robo shared some artists we may not have heard of.

Kenny Chronicles told us that The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother was worth reading and Toshigawa started back up in a story called Rearview Mirrors. Spwug asked if they can they do justice with a Zelda movie. It’s a good question.

MangaBlog thoughtfully came clean about some involvement in the best comics criticism of 2009. Kleefeld then came on strong with a forward looking opinion on those kinds of lists and asked if our comic purchases were any different than last year. Fleen helped us stay caught up on some news and reviews, too.

♦ At some point I would like to get the chance to read this textbook entitled The Power of Comics and review some of Steve Whitaker’s ideas (from Down The Tubes.) In the meantime, Kleefeld has a little something with the final chapter posted that we can read.

♦ And this may be a useful way to collect all the tutorials you come across. Plus, the Webcomic Asylum pointed us toward a site we may want to use it on called the Webcomic Builder. Then, we have a good article on creating characters on Webcomics Community and another one on webcomic promotion on Webcomic Planet.

♦ Now, this has me thinking. Not only are most individual comic forums lifeless but the current discussion momentum is away from individual comic forums and into community sites. These things are probably cyclical but I’m wondering if there will be a temporary comment chilling effect on individual sites, too?

♦ Interestingly, Seth Godin reads McCloud and in between the panels as well. The comments in this Daily Cartoonist discussion on the future of comics, ebooks and print are pretty interesting, too.

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