Strip News 1-15-10

I can’t resist, so sing along. Everybody’s doin it doin it doin it, Writing Comixs and workin’ it workin’ it workin’ it. I’m not commenting specifically on Mr. Hawke’s love of comics as much as it seems more and more random celebrities are popping out of the woodwork with comic aspirations. Despite my initial eye roll, it’s probably a good thing, overall. Anyway, on to the news…

Webcomic Overlook broke into 2010 with a look at SuperFogeys and Websnark chimed in with a quick look at Real Life Comics. Webcomic Asylum reviewed Slash AFK which you MMO players might want to know about. Webcomics Critique talked about Girls With Slingshots and Ralf the Destroyer brought out fears in the nether regions but seems to have turned out okay. Mpd57 looked at Iron Sam and Tangents brought us part three of the Footloose review. That’s a reviewing word count record, I think.

Warren Peace examined Pim and Francie: Great, now I’ll never sleep again. Fictions raved about Solipsistic Pop, enjoyed Zombie Tales and Tales From Outer Suburbia – which is not so much a comic but a striking work nevertheless. Trusty Henchmen gave a brief overview of the new Copper book. Optical Sloth reviewed Beyond the Kuiper Belt and The Wonderful Year while ComixTalk gave Rice Boy a short review. The Manga Critic, interestingly, examined Sinfest Vol 1.

Newsarama interviewed Kazu Kibuishi and A Nickel’s Worth interviewed Brett Koth who endorses the idea of having print apples and online oranges.

♦ The Kenny Chronicles thought that Bear Nuts was good enough to be the comic-of-the-week. The Daily Cartoonist helps us celebrate Squid Row beginning its newspaper conquests. And get your 3-d comics hee-yah from Comics Alliance before you look at 4th Letter’s three webcomic picks. Left Handed Toons reached three years, so join me in saying congrats! And if none of those grab you, try these 50 online comics – or comics found online.

♦ And do you think that comics should have a markup language? Kind of like a super specific version of Oh No Robot? After the first few paragraphs and the end, the bulk of the article is about the uses of text in comics and what it communicates. There is a nice breakdown of For Better Or Worse’s uses of text as examples. An exhaustive breakdown.

Another article from ImageText is a review of a book called ‘Hw To Read Superhero Comics‘ which attempted to show that supers comics are self conscious since Watchmen and Dark Knight. It sure seems plausible to me – typical supers storylines are overly self referencing and miss the point of having a good story. Maybe this will come across as harsh but it’s almost like they are on reality tv and they know it. There are, of course, going to be specific comics that don’t do that; I’m speaking in general. Then there was another article which compared webcomics to underground comics. What are you looking forward to seeing in 2010 from comics? Robot 6 asked some folks for their opinions.

♦ There are more articles on that site to peruse, but let’s look at a comic creation site one of my kids brought home from school. Now no one can use the excuse that they would like to create comics but they can’t draw and don’t have a graphics program. Also, have you ever visited a webcomic site and found it hard to navigate back to older updates? It’s happened to me and I’ll try this next time.

Forbidden Planet caught PJ Holden’s recap of 2009 and Steve Bissett’s new webcomic. Project Fanboy announces Small Press Idol 2010 in glorious COLOR.

♦ And what if webcomics did this? Really. Is Marvel trying to corner the market on Green Lantern books? Maybe they really want trade these for some old Superman comics later on? Perhaps they can trade for Heroes Inc. comics someday. And why do I have a queasy feeling about this; like there’s more to that story?

Pigs of the Industry had part one, part two and part three of a little history about Atlas Comics. Very instructive about how good things can come to an end in comics because an ego or something small gets in the way.

♦ And for those who create content, you probably want other people to point to your stuff. Make it easier for them to do that, will you? And if you want to advertise, it never hurts to review solid advice on making ad banners that work. And while I applaud the strategized efforts to bring comics into handheld devices, I can’t get behind the monicker momics. I just can’t.

♦ Don’t forget to check out ComixTalk’s news post here, Digital Strips news here and Paperless Comic’s posts here and here. They covered some things that are worth reading, thinking and talking about. What do you think of Storming the Tower’s take on the Zuda voting system, for example? Good stuff. El Santo also lit things up with his trademarked take on the fracas and the Manga Critic does a little blog promotion with some good links, too.

♦ Want a job with Penny Arcade? Can you jump through hoops? If you can’t read the rest of The Dish’s news post.

Girlamatic commented on an article where some manga successfully pass the Bechdel test and the wealth of women centric titles. Drawn! also gave us a link to 30 animation tips from Ollie which can only help create better comics. For those purists who only want to hear comic advice from comic makers – well, you can read Cebulski’s four advices.

Manga Journey was added to Digital Strip’s manga division and it’s nice to end on a story about how comics can shape the world. Could it be significant? Maybe.


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