The Incredibles #3 Quick Strip review

I’ve seen images online and I picked this issue up so I could see if they managed to capture The Incredibles feel in a comic. Did they succeed?

The verdict: yes and no. The part about translating a moving animation to single frame panels worked very well. Part of that is not only the skill of writers Mark Waid and Landry Walker but also the art by Ramanda Kamarga and Andrew Dalhouse. Be warned, I am overall pleased with the book but found myself over-analyzing because of my Incredible expectations.

My only big criticism is that the colors are a bit dark. I realize it does say “Boom Kids!” on the cover, so I might not be the target audience here. I also realize that there is probably some variation in the printing process so maybe I got a darker-than-usual copy by chance. However, the colors in the movie are essentially bright even though there are some darks and spot blacks used.

Look at Mrs. Incredible’s hair in the cover image. It’s too dark. Everything else about the characters – their expressions, silhouettes and shadows are well done. Even the backgrounds have a more airy feel like the movie. I can only conclude that the character colors are decreed down to the colorist so I’m not holding it against him. He’s obviously capable of a lighter touch (scroll down to midway.)

I also briefly thought about the heavy outlines but this book is for kids so that can really go either way. The cover artist is not the same as the interior (similar enough for these purposes) but a lighter line style might be more evocative. Imagine the cover done in this sort of line style or preferably this one and see what you think. Again, I think this style is dictated down so I’m not faulting the artists.

This being the first issue I’ve held in my hands, I readily admit that I’m in the dark about what’s been going on and what to expect from this issue. Here’s the promo blurb from the website: “The shocking source of Jack-Jack’s mysterious virus is revealed! Meanwhile, Metroville is overrun with normal denizens sporting superpowers. It’s up to The Incredibles to find a cure for Jack-Jack and return the city to normal!

It sounds Incredibly, doesn’t it? Strangely, in my copy that’s not what happened. They wash up on a beach, fight a villain in a bigger than life battle and then get over the super powers virus at home. The virus goes away on its own like an afterthought and you never see Metroville though the fight was totally Incredible-ish and was the bulk of the issue.

I’m also try to ignore that the city is called Metroville – I don’t recall that name from the movie and for some reason it doesn’t feel right to me. (UPDATE: In the scene where Bob is reading the paper in the kitchen before Lucius shows up, Bob is reading the paper and it includes the city name of Metroville. I still don’t like the name, regardless.) And why is Rick on an adventure – he cleans when they make a mess – See? I’m just being picky. Don’t let my little criticism put you off – I liked the book overall.

One high point was the well designed cast of villains even though none of them were the primary foe in this issue. Another good thing was the choice of image in each panel. Almost every panel was set up in the signature Incredibles style and carried the feel nicely. I may try to pick up earlier issues and maybe even subscribe to this comic. And maybe I’ll watch the movie again later today.

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