Strip News 12-25-9

You would think that comic folks would be taking it easy this busy week but then you’d be just as wrong as I was for thinking that. Or maybe you knew better.

Webcomic Musings reviewed Unity and Pigs of the Industry looked at Daemon’s Sphere, The House Always Wins, Villain. Mark Wolfchild and Subsuelo. Tangents covered Footloose but look for part 2 later. Mpd57 looked over some of Zuda’s 2009 run and then some more and some more yet along with reviewing Ayanna and Mark Wolfchild. My Synonym gave the thumbs-up to Rice Boy and Suite101 raved about High Moon. And One Hit Knock Out took the December Zuda competition.

♦ Enough teasing. Forty-Five got a first real review as opposed to preview or interview. Panel Patter looked at Ancient Joe and Or Else. Optical Sloth reviewed Thunder Island and a number of comics in different styles by Rob Jackson. Madinkbeard opined on a quote from a comic analysis on Tezuka by Onoda Powers and also reviewed a work called Travel. The Daily Crosshatch talked about UTU.

A Nickel’s Worth interviewed Justin Thompson (check out question 7) and Danny Hellman. Over in mpd57 land, mpd57 talks about his past blogging year and some plans for 2010 while Koltreg handed out the Kollies before leaving to get his Aztec gold and come back with bigger plans for next year.

♦ And if comic folks had agents, they’d probably sound like this. I’m puzzled by the strategy thing – it can’t really hurt to do additional things can it? Would it wreck everything if you (say) Digg’d your work even though that wasn’t part of the original plan? Or maybe you bought a newspaper ad… is that really going to harm the promotion? Please, tell me how that makes sense…

♦ In the Wizard January 2010 magazine, Daisy Owl made the best of 2009 list (at 22 out of 30) and Forty Five made the list (at 16th). Dar officially ends Monday but don’t despair; you’ve got a chance to win by early next year. Just name this book.

Kez reviewed (or blasted) iStrip and there was this thread on TWCL that discussed the merits of joining one of the Something Awful forums. And with all due respect to the research Mr. Gravett has done, I’m not sure what links all these comics together. The first few are about the earliest comics but the next are anthro and then things get more odd – I’ll just defer to Mr. Gravett’s sense of judgement that they belong together. I’m willing to be educated.

♦ There are changes happening over at ComixTalk, and Kingdom Hearts CCG is all done. Art Backwash bemoaned the loss of creativity (and told those infringers to get off his lawn. He’s keeping track.) Seriously, I’m all for artists being paid for their work. Reasonably. I just had an unsavory experience with istockphoto – specifically: looking at the pricing.

Don’t forget you have just today to get a Last Resort cameo! And no matter what day it might be, it’s a good time to cheer people up who are going through rough times.

Paperless Comics had a post which included some reviews and comic news I didn’t mention here and linked Guigar’s advice about transcripts and use of punctuation. They are having a pretty interesting discussion on The WebcComic List about motion comics and their value, too.

♦ You’ve heard of the Keenspot thing by now and some are starting to chime in about it. I suspect more will come out about it but the comment by Bobby Crosby (#47) in the Fleen post sounds reasonable for now. The ‘fired’ member now seems to be okay with the reasons they gave privately sometime after, apparently.

♦ Meanwhile, School Spirit stays the course and passed the 800 strips mark. Congratulations! And the two of ’em you see in this Scribs comic below are properly introduced here but I figure you’ll have to read the comic to get to know them.


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