Quick Strips Yo Soon Shin

yi 3The website for Yi Soon Shin paints a pretty big picture of what to expect with this comic.

“Hideyoshi Toyotomi has successfully united Japan. Now he controls the world’s most deadly military force and is dtermined to conquer the world. His quest for domination begins with the invasion of Korea. But before Hideyoshi can claim it for himself, he will have to answer to a vengeful armada led by Admiral Yi Soon Shin.”

“Yi Soon Shin is the sixteenth century Korean Naval Admiral widely regarded as the greatest military mind in the history of the world so-much-so that he is revered, even today, by the Japanese who he battled undefeated as he protected his beloved Korea during the Seven Year War that began in 1592.”

Issue 1 previews are available at Yi Soon Shin.com.

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