Today Nothing Happened review

What Did I Learn?

journalcom1Today’s review is on a comic named Today Nothing Happened. It’s something of a misnomer because something crazy happens in every update. Be warned, there are a lot of comics involving role playing and art classes all mixed in with the panic of daily life. And cats. Which sometimes fight. But that’s to be expected since it’s an artist’s journal comic.

It has all kinds of daily life events – seen from the amusing side. I can certainly relate to having this condition called P.E.B.K.A.C., for instance. And one strip is written entirely in Klingon (aside from a few dropped suffixes.) I think that’s a first. It also features people doing some semi-crazy things just so they’d end up in the comic.

And this one has a manga-like ‘disinfect’ shortcut and a ‘long motorcycle ride’ effect this one. I never think to use narration balloons like that – or miss them when I’m reading a comic where they should be used to great effect. There’s an art form to just knowing what to leave out.

The art maintains that sketchy quality throughout the archives. There are a few with spots of color that I liked a lot more – but that’s mainly because of reading the whole archive at once. There are a lot of white areas in many of the comics (due to the sketchy style.) It probably wouldn’t have even occurred to me if I was reading them one at a time. For those of you who prefer color or more finished comics, you can see more of Shazzbaa’s color work on As We Were. Flip back to Today Nothing Happened after you see a page of that and you’ll understand what I mean about the amount of white.

I also liked the hover over next/previous buttons. It kept the page as simple as possible and it confirmed the choice of ‘next.’ That’s an often overlooked and important element of interfaces, if my dabbling study of said topic has anything to show for itself. It confirmed my choice of ‘next’ before I made it which was reassuring.

What Did I Learn?

Today Nothing Happened is a very well done journal comic – it’s the kind of comic that makes you think that you could do that too. But that’s a bit deceptive since there are hidden choices about what is interesting to show, how to tie it all together and end on a bang. Whether you are thinking about creating a journal comic or not, you may want to give Today Nothing Happened a read.


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