Strip News 12-11-9

CCAI’m not even sure where to start this week. There are brand new things to see, things coming to an end and expectations exceeded.

MySynonym reviewed Kukuburi while The Lefty Films Blog weighed in on December 2009’s competition and Webcomics Critique gave a once over to Circuit and a more appreciative eye to Asylum Squad. Koltreg reviewed City of Reality and This Week in Webcomics teased us with a little of what’s in store next year for Superfogeys.

Optical Sloth covered Blammo, Tick Tick Boom, Zeek The Martian Geek, Salvager Kain, Decaff Blues & Hard Times, Big Plans & Neptune and a bunch of mini comics by Peter Bagge. Fictions looked at Striptacular and the Daily Crosshatch looked at Getting There/Getting Where.

ComixTalk interviewed David LaMason and a few artists interpreted their favorites characters/authors. (Since March of 98. Yow.) Others have their take on Calvin & Hobbes, if you’d prefer that. Madinkbeard looked at the Alex Toth Doodle Book and Kleefeld shared The Winning Pup with us.

173_Sprenger_boxerMohawk Media is looking for artists and you can get a Mr. T comic if you follow the links. I ain’t gonna say it again, suckah.

Night Owls has reached its final screen Time is running out if you want to check out the last screens of Celadore. Elsewhere, for a short time you can still read an issue of Lady Action (for free) and you can read at least the first three Box 13‘s too. I’ll repeat that one again later.

♦ Required readings: Captain Nihilist finally answered the age old question “Why review webcomics at all?” Digital Strips gave their response and I expect most others will chime in eventually. I err on the side of lesser known comics myself but there are sites that only cover professional and popular comic topics. I hadn’t thought about it in this light – there’s room for all approaches. El Santo treads a useful middle ground there.

Webcomic Asylum asked what are you tired of seeing in comics? And do you know anyone The Comics Reporter can add to this list of comic folks grouped by region? It looks like Comics Bento is moving on to other projects and Koltreg continued the journey one makes from webcomic fan to considering creating your own. Luprand cleared the air about a few things particular to comic reviewers and The Webcomic Beacon seems to have passed the 100 episodes mark. Congratulations!

♦ I don’t know if the world is ready for this but big time magazines are looking into e-reader publishing. I know, I know. It’s crazy talk. Who would read magazines on a device? Watch out. Archie comics is surely next. As a side note, will these newfangled on-device magazines have to abide by the FTC disclosure guidelines? Couldn’t they use some handy icons to notify their readers?

♦ For some DIY, you can use this Photoshop plugin to turn photographs into comics. I admire the case study that Guigar wants to do – with the caveat that passive or minor use of the buttons probably helps your brand. Tom Richmond gave us a helpful color primer and a peek into his process. I have my doubts about this but Buckmaker seemed to think this WordPress theme would be useful for comics. You be the judge. In the meantime, we can go check out this (in depth) primer on getting your own indy book published and I have more to read on Dramatica theory.

Supergirl (who is usually drawn as a teen-twentyish) turned fifty and Helen Slater is still super. That’s what I learned.

Godin had a good reminder for those of us with merch. The first transaction you make with a customer is not when the cash trades hands. Speaking of valuables, I hope this Frazetta thing isn’t more complicated than it appears right now because it’s unpleasant enough already. After that, it seems fitting to end this post with a little understated bit of comic awesome:


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