Strip News 12-4-9

Bernard004Let’s keep things practical this time, shall we?

♦The Cool Webcomic List took a pleasing gander at Melody and Webcomic Overlook peered at Azure. Webcomics Critique was torn over Creative Catharsis and mpd57 covered Molly the Amazing Door Tree and Little Earth People (sort of.)

♦ Optical Sloth reviewed Bald Knob and comics by Karl Kressbach while High-Low looked at mini comics from SPX. (Hopefully we’ll continue to see more from High-Low in more places…)

♦ As you know, In Maps & Legends won November’s Zuda competition. You may have overlooked (like I did) Our Last Gasp’s 300th strip. Congrats to both!

♦ EQ Comics encouraged us to check out Wondermark and Rocket Bomber gave us another 18 graphic novels available as ebooks. Drawn! gave us access to Chickenhare and what comics would you suggest to someone just getting into webcomics?

♦ A Nickel’s Worth interviewed Dan Reynolds who had an interesting take on questions 9 and 11. Especially 11. And you’ll want to read question 7 on Stephanie McMillan’s interview. Agent X tweeterviewed Steve Ogden and Comic Book Galaxy talked with Sean T. Collins.

♦ And what if you wanted to drum up sales for your print book? You could send out books for review to websites, newspapers and the usual suspects. Or you could do what Godin has chosen to do and offer a select few the first chance to get first crack at the book. You may not want to do it exactly the same way but it’s food for thought. And lest anyone think the demand isn’t there, see this comic book being included as a touted feature of the larger publication. And before we get away from talking about printed product, I like Sketch Magazine’s method of determining how much to print.

friends_9_the_artist♦ Journalista talked about some of their site adjustments and (the) TCJ beta site, among other choice things. Meanwhile, Websnark had this interesting article about content and paywalls that took a slightly different twist that what is normally talked about on those topics. Be sure to read the comments as well.

♦ And you may want to bookmark this site as it might turn out some articles on writing webcomics. And here’s something on selling shirts if you’re into advice on that along with lots of good stuff from Perazza on this site.

♦ The Frustrated Cartoonist hinted at some things to come and The Artiste Manquee comes to an end. There’s a thread over on The Web Comic List forums where the question is asked about the future comics being mainly in video. Video is big, so I suppose it could gain some momentum.

♦If you’ve read this far, you probably already know about Eric Martin. His daughter could use some help, poor thing.
♦ You’re going to mistakenly think I dislike supers comics but Fraggmented wrote about including Superman in DC Comics Presents and CBR asked why do superheroes make me blue? I’d rather see them change but I may just have to get over it. Speaking of which… this comic has (pretty much) come to its end. If you ever meant to read it, now would be a good time to get to it.


  1. Jay

    Can’t say as I’m sorry to see “This is Me” ending. It started out as mildly amusing but then seemed to become a vehicle for his narcissistic self-loathing. I never knew who to feel more sorry for – him or his wife!

    Apologies to the artist – never been a believer that if you have self-image issues you should broadcast them to the world and call it “art.”

  2. Jay

    You don’t need to be able to explain away another’s opinion, my friend. That’s why they call them opinions :)

    A lot of what you heard in my email was disappointment, actually. I was hoping it would be funny and it turned out to be anything but, at least to me.

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