Strip News 11-13-9

4The worlds we can discover in the pages of comics…

Mpd57 briefly covered Brother of Bronze Hammer and Witch Phase. Webcomics Critique looked at the example of George last Friday and Robot Beach last Tuesday.
Optical Sloth covered Rock That Never Sleeps and The Airy Tales along with a bunch I have no idea how to summarize, a number by Trevor Alixopulos and Runx Tales. Pigs of the Industry looked at Robot 13’s new release.
Thought Bubble interviewed Frank Quitely and Charlie Adlard. A Nickel’s Worth asked those twenty questions of John Kovaleski in which question eighteen struck me as gold star stuff.
♦ Lots of good stuff from ComixTalk – a new comic from a previously unknown source? A Xeric award winning comic collected into a graphic novel and then we also have Arthur, King of Time and Space hitting the 2000 strip milestone. Let’s not overlook The System comic reaching 300 strips and Addanac City getting to 400 as well. Congrats to all!
Bleeding Cool offered up a preview of Forty Five, Red String Volume 5 is now available for preorder and Dana Simpson won the Amazon contest.
This Week in Webcomics goes into a well deserved and thoughtful pause but can’t help still bringing us good comic stuff.
mm-antattackWilliam George makes a great point about idea units that should be required reading. (Scroll to the bottom for that part.) Lonely Panel breaks down collaborations and crossovers and the planning they require.
Copyblogger talked about blogging souvenirs and some other key ideas that may help comic creators turn a profit from their online work.
Fishbones gave us another peek into a ball point pen and blue pencil comic creation process while Michael May gave us the ABC’s of Awesome. We can also see some places to find digital tutorials on TWCL. Before and After continues on and there was an interesting discussion about standard webcomic sizes.
♦ I won’t get a chance to listen to it much before next Monday night but the Webcomic Beacon has a podcast covering Plot Lines and Pacing while Spwug had a good idea about promoting your favorite webcartoonists.
♦ Finally, can you join the valiant Star Org and contribute to the success of the Last Resort?



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