Strip Grab Bag 11-11-9

Today’s items: pencil nubs, dieting tips from sheep, washer frogs and your own 2 meter tall Optimus Prime.

pencilsSo what do you do with all your leftover pencil nubs? If you throw them away, maybe you’re overlooking a potential creative outlet. Or you can at least send them to the artist behind this work. If it strikes you the right way, I can only encourage you to check out more inspiration from Design Swan.

Always a wise idea to watch what you eat, right? You can see more Spud Comics here and follow on Twitter, too.

frog-sculpture-by-robosteeloptimus-by-robosteelAnd you might think this frog is a pretty clever little construction but for only 5000 Euros you can own an 8 foot tall Optimus by the same folks. (You may want to ask about the shipping costs; I think they are based in the U.K.) Once you’re done checking out the sculptures on their website, you can also follow the efforts of Robosteel on Twitter.

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