Woods and Keys review

What Did I Learn?

Woods and Keys is a comic by Adam Corpora featuring Ms. Woods and Mr. Keys who are teachers in what I assume is a private middle school. The archives are not very long right now but I did discover what actually goes on during teacher meetings. It’s a humorous look into the teacher’s side of the school day. Fortunately, it’s not all classroom gags and teacher meetings and it nicely balances a number of elements.


The artist has a lot of fun with the little details, whether that is learning to draw a bear, illustrating phobias or adjusting a panel view to an unusual angle. The stories, much like you’d expect them to be, can be told can be understood simply or stand up to a little real world lens of analysis.

The character designs are both personally and visually interesting. It’s harder than it seems to draw a dozen different school kids, each with a clearly shown uniqueness in expression and action. The art style is neither overly finished nor lacking; it retains a spontaneous feel with a manicured edge.

Woods and Keys is a solid, enjoyable comic that is easily accessible. Everyone has some experience with school and this lets you relate to the comic. Moreover, it’s just open ended enough that there are many ways to do that. From a student’s perspective, Woods and Keys are the nicer teachers they have and from a parent’s view you can sympathize with dealing with a roomful of kids. It so far remains lighthearted and yet emotional.

What Did I Learn?

Have we provided multiple ways for our audience to connect with our comics? What have we included to offer some variety of character and situation? Does the style of art match the tone and by doing so it reinforces the desired reading experience? Maybe while we’re trying to balance all these spinning plates we can have some uncomplicated fun like we see in Woods and Keys.


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