Strip News 10-29-9

coupleIf there wasn’t a mainstream urge to create indie comics before, there will be now…

  • The Webcomic Overlook reviewed Danielle Dark while mpd57 looked at Where Evils Darent. Pigs of the Industry looked at Doc Monster and I Am Legend covered Asylum Ink. Digital Strips returned to their pile of reviewed comics to see how the new ones have done over time.
  • And yet another opinion on Robot 13 that echoes how I felt about reading it. Comic Vine covered The Anchor and Fictions reviewed Reasons WHy I’m Scared To Love You and Thorgal. Warren Peace reviewed Pluto and Optical Sloth told us about Jin & Jan, And Then One Day, a bunch of mini comics by Julia Wertz and Sausage Hand.
  • A Nickel’s Worth interviewed Paul Gilligan of Pooch Cafe. Question six was interesting but I found eleven to take the cake this time.
  • The Webcomic List forums had this fun thread called Before and After which compared the first comics of a series and current comics. It was interesting to see how the art changed in ways over time that you might miss if you were a regular reader. There was also an Awesome Strips thread where posters showed off awesome strips. Inkstuds compiled a list of five cartoonists you should be reading.
  • Journalista gave us, among other things, a couple of links about comic making. One was about making a four issue comic mini series and the other was Urasawa’s process. What wonderful variety of approach there is to enjoy about comics!
  • Paperless Comics had some good links to great stuff for you but I also liked the discussion about landing pages in the comments. And more or less encourages us to not make our readers think if we can help it – which was echoed by Smashing Magazine’s Cheeseburger Interface. I think the lesson is to make sure the thinking/processing our readers have to do is centered on the comic itself.
  • Kez had some thoughts on BCC with some lessons learned. Last Resort also gave us ten good reasons to create guest strips.
  • SMASH hit an exciting end to Season One. It’s on my review list but you would be upset with me if I rudely kept this comic to myself. And another treasure you won’t want to miss is Forty-Five. I’d like to get more in-depth with 45 a little later; it’s a fun concept worth exploring.
  • And Jason Thibault tweeted about an article that talks about the right way and wrong way to write. Change a few details and it could be all about your art, which is likely why Jason tweeted about it. It’s inspirational.


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