Strip News 10-16-9

stickfas_blackmilitaryCongratulations to all the Harvey Awards winners and nominees and to Asterix’s 50th year milestone. Now, with that out of the way…

  • Lonely Panel critiqued Sunset Grill, I AM LEGEND reviewed Stick’Em Up Comics and Pigs of the Industry reviewed Old Cthulu’s On The Rise and ShockPop Terror!. Webcomic Overlook reviewed the dewey-eyed Annyseed and Juliette while Tangents had a guest reviewer that covered Weesh.
  • Optical Sloth weighed in with Slam Bang, Boot Legs (plus more) and Jumbly Junkery while Trouble With Comics reveled in the first appearance of Bat-Man. High-Low reviewed the new volume of Aya and Ten Thousand Things To Do, King Cate and Magic Whistle.
  • iProng interviewed Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies and the New York Post interviewed Gareb Shamus. A Nickel’s Worth talked to Carl Moore and I’m finally seeing a lot of similar responses to question six every time a comic creator is interviewed. You may also want to see Agent-X’s tweeterview of that ArtPatient guy and theDish has a link to Randall Munroe’s interview plus more good news bits I didn’t cover here like Doonesbury’s online business plan. With all due diligence, there are more interviews and comic news to see on Paperless Comics and PW Beat, so stop over there too.
  • Looking for the funniest comics? See what everyone else voted as the funny and maybe suggest some for others to vote on. Is It Funny Today?
  • On the other hand, The Comics Reporter talked seriously about five truths about comics that might not be truths. Number four made me ponder why having printed copies of comics (or books) is so desirable. Is it then something tangible to be consumed? Is it a solid connection to the work?
  • This is probably a good time to mention that the new Marvel comic reader is now in use. I’m interested to see what the reaction is to it. Is it better? I also wonder if Disney’s purchase of Marvel somehow be involved in some new business initiatives Perhaps I’m seeing coincidence and imagineering things.
  • And then there was an interview with Google’s CEO about lots of things, including the decline of newspapers, but I especially liked the phrase “atomic unit of consumption.” That’s what Google uses internally to describe when a user goes to a website, gets the stuff they want and then clicks away – like when someone reads your latest comic update in four seconds and disappears. He talks about how to keep the reader on your page and (nicely) comic folks are already doing some of these things. It may need to be developed further than a random comic button or a strip archives link, though.
  • Precocious Curmudgeon talked about Viz’s original comics initiative and Brigid’s Paperless Comics. Good stuff.
  • Speaking of paperless comics, would you like an easy way to convert a bunch of images into a pdf? Done! (Actually, let us all know how it works for you. I usually use Open Office for such projects.) Or maybe we can use Google Maps instead?!?
  • And now for something a little different from Radical Publishing. Admittedly, not a huge step but something different from capes and twenty pages. And for those who think that we won’t see more approaches to comics that are paradigm shiftingly different…maybe it would be just as impossible to imagine pro baseball without an umpire. Actually, I doubt they’ll really use this or not but it’s technically possible. What technology opens up for comics needs to be harnessed.
  • Toothpaste for Dinner is having a mini contest for a new comic mini series. Name that town! Spwug encourages us all to make babies. Really. As long as it doesn’t break the comic’s flow, anyway.
  • Furthering the tech-talk portion of today’s bulletin, Strip Show 2.1 has been released into the wild with some useful new features. You may also want to give TinEye a try if you think that someone is re-posting your comic somewhere else and want to know where (note: it’s still building a database.) Joey Manley suggests getting other readers outside webcomicdom anyway, so don’t fret about people seeing your work other than your website.
  • Bleeding cool brought us Dennis O’Neil’s homogenized comic structure outline and behold! The power of comics.



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    I notice again the announcement that the theme used for this site will be changing soon. May I toss out the suggestion of having links open in a new window? It isn’t popular with everyone, but many find it a nice way not to lose the thread.

  2. I actually prefer always having new links open a new tab, myself. I dislike having to Command and click every link.

    The theme will actually be staying the same but the layout will be different (if I can swing the code changes, that is.) I’ve had some other code to work on instead lately, so I’ll take that notice down for now.

    I’m open to any other thoughts or suggestions, as well.

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