Strip News 9-18-9

3859753721_c435ee006dHere’s a few things that seem to have flown under the radar this week…

  • Sequential Tart reviewed Tailscomic and The Cool Webcomic List reviewed Corona Doves. Lonely Panel stopped over at Catalyst and Pigs of the Industry set sights on Mystery Jungle, Zamir and Marked while Peiz looked at The Hub.
  • I’m not sure how news-worthy it may be, but I did a blurb on each of this month’s Zuda entries on Twitter last Friday. Here was my brief take on Tshirt, Homicidal, Goldilock, Zamir, The Symptoms (complete with my own misspelling,) Tessy, Marked, Incarna, WheelJack Union and Mystery Jungle. Aside from the few above, I’m sure the usual suspects will chime in with reviews proper over the course of the month.
  • Optical Sloth weighed in with a review of Almighty Then,Crude Dude Comix, Spaz, Huju, King Cat and Pale Fire, Catfight and Cursed alomg with comics from Barry Rodges and Chris Anderson. High-Low covered several comics from Sparkplug and Mineshaft. ComixTalk recommended The Complete K Chronicles and du9 talks about a big book called Kramer’s Ergot 7 (via Madinkbeard.)
  • Sly Eagle posted a fun character analysis technique that could let you show off the internal reality of your comic’s characters. A Nickel’s Worth interviews Cory Thomas – as always, watch question six. And here’s a chance to hear the inimitable Mel Blanc on advertising.
  • And I wish I had the coding skillz to put something like this rating system together for webcomics (via Tech Review.) Even though comic reading is pretty subjective, I think that would give us a much better idea about which are considered the best comics by the reading masses. There could be a best comic (which would probably be in constant change,) then best gag/story comic, then best action/horror/supers/etc category and so on. Maybe one of you can put this together for all of us…
  • The Floating Lightbulb brings us a useful analysis of website readers and visitors. And speaking of readers, is your comic on Tangent’s reading list? Actually, that’s pretty forward of Tangent to offer that information … I’d be worried that creators would get offended by not being on the list or worse – being on the comics-I’ve-lost-interest-in part of the list.
  • I like this script critique from iFanboy. I also liked reading about every single news bit I saw in this post from The Dish, especially the Publisher’s Weekly one.
  • For those who are reluctant to draw, don’t listen to the voices that tell you that you can’t draw. I’ve seen results like these – even though the food analogy threw me a little.



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  2. Actually, I’ve been posting the reading lists for a while now, usually on the Livejournal backup site. It’s partly for my own convenience for when I want to check on a comic but don’t remember the URL and am away from my home computer. ^^;;

    I rather doubt anyone will get offended that they’re on my “got bored” list or even the “never again” list. Of all the comics on those lists, only a couple ever got raked over the coals in my reviews and neither of their cartoonists particularly care as to what I think of their comics.

    And considering I tell readers to make up their own minds on the comics I review, that’s probably par for the course. Just because I dislike a comic doesn’t mean other people will. Usually. 😉

    Rob H.

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  4. LOL. I just know if I posted such a thing …

    As you say, though, readers ought to make up their own minds – just like artists ought to have a reasonably subjective opinion of their work.

    And during my stint for ComicFencing, I often had the dissenting opinion about that week’s comic. My opinion does not seem to reflect the majority. =)

  5. Bengo

    Thanks for mention of my article on using ComicRank to count a comic’s most loyal readers. I know a lot of people have joined the service (which is free) but I am surprised it hasn’t been a stampede.

    I think it will help a lot of people get traction for quality efforts.

  6. Bengo

    I should save my comments until I’ve looked at everything… I just want to say, I presented the idea for the exact side-by-side comparison scheme mentioned in the movie review link to about, I don’t know, two dozen people over the last few years, and all it got was a great big yawn.

    I personally am not certain how to make it so that it’s not a farce but I know what options I would try first. It’s hardly a priority for me, but it seemed like it might be entertaining if nothing else. The movie site you link shows pretty much what I had in mind, and is rather addictive — sure to make money. I’d love to shame some who scoffed by naming them but of course, there are too many real scoundrels to name before we get to the misdemeanors. 😀 I will say this: Some had mighty high opinions of themselves at the time, and are rapidly receding in my rear view mirror.

    It seems a lot of people put all their vision into their comic and when it comes to thinking big they are tapped dry.

    Consider my reference of ComicRank as an example. Easily the best tool to come along for webcomics in years, and I bet 99.5% of comics creators have not even heard of it. Many would rather languish on forums, reinventing the wheel, or otherwise reveal that for all their talk, they are not serious about creating comics or a cartooning career.

    Thanks for listening. Your blog remains a regular, favorite weekend stop, and I appreciate that you stick your neck out and mention me, since I seem to frighten a lot of people.

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