Strip News 9-4-9

turtlesWhat with the Marvel’s motion comics and Disney buyout news, it appears that comics on the web may just be considered viable property worth investing in now. In the meantime…


  1. The thing about the Forbes articles is that he’s talking solely about the concept of taking old-fashioned Marvel-style comics digital while still retaining the traditional revenue stream.

    I personally see Marvel-style comics and webcomics as completely different beasts, and I’m actually not all that interested in Marvel-type stuff. I love the freedom and flexibility that webcomics bring, and the wide variety of stories and formats that it offers. The last thing I want is “comic books online.”

    For me, digital has already won because it’s not trying to replace something else.

    I also like to support webcomic creators by buying their printed material, but unfortunately a lot of the more experimental ones can’t really do that at all due to formatting issues. I’d say that digital comic creators should consider selling CD-ROM-based partial site archives or something, but CDs are such last-year media too. So really they should just sell a .zip or the like and then let people archive the files however they see fit. (That is what I plan on doing when I finally complete Unity in a few months.)

  2. Hmm… yeah. CD’s are sooo last year, aren’t they? A zip file seems like a much better idea – until Google decides it will just host the internet for everyone anyway. =)

    It does appear important to use the strengths of the digital medium when possible. I’m looking at other CMS’s (besides wordpress) to simplify the headaches and make (for instance) my comics and online content downloadable and displayable on offline computers.

  3. DKM Marlink

    Thanks for the link! My Spwug column updates Tuesdays (usually evenings by US time). I normally do webcomic reviews the first Tuesday of every month. The one you linked here was delayed because I was called out of town. There should have been a new review on September 1, but this month’s chosen webcomic archives went offline due to a fatal server crash. So I’ll have to review a different comic and post it next Tuesday. Keep checking back, and reviews’ll show up eventually!

    I’ll definitely be checking this site out. I’m glad to have been directed here! 😀

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