Will Write For Chocolate

What Did I Learn?

Vampire-wwfc_007Will Write For Chocolate by Debbie Ohi is a comic by a writer. Specifically, it is about the passions of Eliza Street, a magazine article writer and her friend Mimi the bookstore poet. This isn’t your usual young professional sort of comic.

It’s mixed with freelance writing tips and thoughts, so you could consider the comic an extension of the writer’s work or another aspect of them, perhaps. Most comics are hosted on websites devoted to just the comic (and for good reasons) but I think Will Write For Chocolate is a good counter example. I suspect that some (kinds of) comics can only shine when they have other content material to bolster them.

And I won’t let you distract me into talking about the ramifications of these comic & content relationships and whether they should be symbiotic, parasitic or commensual because Will Write For Chocolate could stand on its own.

I find it interesting that the creator chose to supplement her passion for writing with a comic. Usually, the internet circles I find myself in have the opposite approach. It’s easy to see the clarity of the writing – it sure seems like the art is created around the writing instead of the visuals being favored. Also, in this case, the creator can use the comic to focus on the quirks and personality of writers while still offering something with a more depth. One thing I learned was that there is apparently such a thing as Chess Boxing which I had always assumed was a joke and I kind of hope it is really some kind of hoax.

What Did I Learn?

There’s a great thing about having a comic site with various kinds of symbiotic content – you are always capable of expanding beyond a single minded focus. Even if we just have a comic site, also having our comics available on sister sites can only increase their appeal (Like Mutts potentially being found on animal protection sites, for instance. Not that I can find any examples at the moment but I know I’ve seen them.) In this case, if you have an interest in freelance writing or comics about writing, give Will Write For Chocolate a glance.



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