Bob The Squirrel

What Did I Learn?

bob080809Bob The Squirrel by Frank Page is full of unique characters. You have Bob the talking squirrel, Frank the cheapskate cartoonist, Lucy the tree climbing dog, the relatively balanced Lezley who is Frank’s girlfriend, Lauren who is Lezley’s overly sensitive artistic daughter and a couple more dogs and cats, too. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Bob also enjoys watching Rachel Ray. It makes comic sense but I’m not sure what else it reveals about Bob’s personality.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was there were no straight lines. That means, for me, all the lines have character of their own. The comic is usually black and white with some color Sundays – a little extra touch that readers enjoy.

bob081007I found the comic gags amusing and you’ll probably like it. It has a good variety of character and situation – with many of those things being things that only comics can really do. Dogs, for instance, don’t often climb trees or use mining equipment. It’s all good fun and easy to pick up and start reading anywhere.

That’s why it’s probably not fair of me but I’m going to focus on one element of the comic’s feel. Life is often exasperating and Bob seems to embody that element – therefore it is interesting that Bob the Squirrel seems to have sprung directly from the imagination of Frank. Bob, at times, has even stayed at Lezley’s because it was better there. I’m quite sure that I’m overanalyzing here, but it’s like all those little life things that drive us crazy are pictured by Bob at least in part. I suppose that function could be ascribed to many comic characters but Bob, for me, is like that little bit of dissatisfaction you have no matter how easy a day you’re having.

What Did I Learn?

One thing comics can do well is exaggerate things like personality. In novels, you can create a mental image of an extreme personality but in comics you can draw totally overblown expressions, outrageous special effects and and dialog that is in your face. Those things can be partially done in other media but the static nature of comics give these things something less – stretched- and more believable. Give Bob The Squirrel a chance to enter your world.


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