Strip News 7-24-9

I’m sure you’re all awash in ComicCon and Moon Landing anniversary news which all the cool sites are covering nicely. Here, we’ll stick to a week and a half’s worth of comic meat and potatoes…

Our Last Gasp

  • I Am Legend recaps their webcomic reviews and Pigs of the Industry covers Metropolitan Siege (and so does MPD57), The Ares Imperative, Rockstar Assignment and Let’s Be Friends Again and Peiz reviewed Pugnuggle Tales and Wolf. Comic Book Catacombs reviewed Tails and MPD57 reviews what should have been called ICE and Children’s Games, while Webcomic Overlook analyzed Girl Genius and Fatawesome and . (In the near future, we should see reviews of Marooned and Superfogeys at This Week In Webcomics. Stay tuned.)
  • Newsarama reviewed Dinosaur Hour and Digital Strips gave opinions on this month’s Zuda comics. As of this writing, RockStar and Bloody Pulp are duking it out for the top spot.
  • Warren Peace covered five mini comics plus Immortal Weapons.
  • Original Wonders interviewed Bloody Pulp creators Jeff and Jorge. ComixTalk informs us that Brigid interviewed Gina Biggs at Robot 6 and Ming’s Blog interviews Rosscott. We also get some bad news about Cul De Sac’s creator, Scary Go Round and Intrepid Captain wants your dreams. Also, be on the watch for Operation: Three Ring Bound and Digital Strips Adventures.
  • The Deformitory has been reviewed on Optical Sloth and you can find other reviews of it here. It’s interesting that each of the reviews discusses some deep aspect of the comic. Differing deep aspects, too. And don’t miss out on Subway Stories #5.
  • David Gallaher reports that Girls With Slingshots will have its 5 year anniversary on October 1st and that two of the strip’s characters are being married off, complete with invitations and all. You can also get interviews with Danielle here, here and here.
  • Bi-Polarbear now comes in an animated version, along with a site redesign. You may also want to catch some Kukuburi process shots and techniques discussion courtesy of Transmission-X. Aside: I have seemingly underestimated the potential usefulness of owning french curves, which explains those great curved lines that Ramon has.
  • The Frustrated Cartoonist also shares his process with us and Matt Madden shares some of the results of his Improvised Comic Activity. (Also, I see that a new volume of DWWP is in the works. Awesome.)
  • Superhero Nation gives us some advice for writing for children. I don’t think adults are too far off from this either, given how often National Lampoon, Naked Gun and Jack Black sorts of movies appeal using these same concepts. Lilrivkah also weighs in on the importance of anatomy and Wecomic Planet has a good breakdown on making effective banners. And the Floating Lightbulb has had a number of articles about the comics industry and some brief tips on webcomic success here. Plus Kleefeld talks about the Publisher’s Dilemma.
  • Speaking of dilemmas, what about Zuda? What do you think about the monthly competitions? What did they think on the Webcomic List Forums? I’m thinking it’s worth a shot, even if just for the $500 and some increased exposure (see page 3.) And this article from Comic Related tells us ideally when we should self publish. In any case, we shouldn’t be afraid to be creatively wrong. Tom Richmond even sees the silver lining to this anyone can publish thing that the establishment doesn’t seem to like (courtesy of Journalista.)

We now return you to your ComicCon news…

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