What Did I Learn?

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Metadawn by Lance Stahlberg and Mariano de la Torreis a black and white comic about a world infested with superheroes. There is a new group, slowly building their public presence according to plan with a larger agenda in mind. It builds slowly and surely without skimping out on the action.

The art is done well with lots of heavy blacks and ever present background detail. It’s easy to read and has good flow for the eye.

What I really want to mention about Metadawn is the writing. As you know, superhero comics can sometimes get soap-opera-ish and lose focus on what makes superhero comics heroic stories. I don’t want anyone to read that and think I mean that superhero comics should not have emotional crisis built into them; that’s not what I’m on about.

As you read Metadawn, you realize that the storyline is always carefully shown to you by the artist. There are moments included that are laying the groundwork for later things and more is hinted at. You want to know more about what is going on but you accept that whatever is being shown is the most important event you need to see right now. And after that moment, there is another to be seen. That careful pacing keeps things from getting too escalated too quickly, so you find yourself following along with great interest.

What did I learn?

The presentation and writing can whet your audience’s appetite for more. Metadawn updates on Mondays.

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