Strip News 7-17-9

Little Mouse Gets ReadyOkay, you’ve been badgered by the Green Lantern and Thor announcements which I won’t duplicate here…

  • Pigs of the Industry reviewed the creators of Zuda‘s instant winner Bottle of Awesome and Peiz covered Ruby while Tangents went in depth on Red String. MPD57 looked at 9th Year and Original Wonders interviews Tyler James. MPD57 also looked at Bloody Pulp and posted July’s Star Chamber results. I dig the blurb additions, too. And Webcomics Critique reviewed Juvies.
  • Newsarama reviewed Low Moon and Scott McCloud points us toward Neo Mento. Eh, I’m just not sold on all the clicking it took to get to the comic (I have flash disabled by default, so I had to enable two screens to get to the comic.) Darrell shows us how to get Zuda comics to load faster, though.
  • ComixTalk brings us up to speed with Odori Park’s 30 day webcomic challenge.
  • Boom! gets another goldmine. Boom! Boom! Boom!, I guess.
  • Thanks to Webcomic Overlook, I am now aware of the Bad Webcomics Wiki. So far, this is the only page I checked out but it looks like it contains good rules of thumb. Of course, there are ways to do some of these ‘sins’ right.
  • Is it really that important to send a hard copy of the comic you want reviewed? Seems to me that you send hard copies to those that you’d especially like to target and pdfs to everyone else. I’m open to other thoughts…
  • Hero Spy interviewed Justin Bleep
  • MangaBlog points us to an anecdotal report about Borders moving the manga section in with the kids books. Last time I was in a Borders, the manga section was next to the sci-fi and fantasy books and another store had them within a graphic novel section. Anyone else noticed this during their trips to the bookstore?
  • Vented Spleen has some advice for comic self publishers and Kez reviews Ka-Blam’s printing service. Also included, free of charge, are some tips on what to watch out for and what not to do. The video is very cool too. Kez has some good ideas – especially the commission book. (I couldn’t find a way to link to it on Kez’s user page but I can link it on the general You-Tube page.) The other vids have some good stuff too. Highway 62 gives novelists turned comic writers some good advice. And Webcomic Beacon discusses making comics in multiple languages plus a number of milestones. I also see that Calamities of Nature has hit two years as well.
  • Drawn! brings us some good drawing lessons from a master. Maybe I should have named the site ArtPatient! or Art!Patient…
  • And finally, MPD57 had some good variety of comic news to enjoy, too.

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