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What Did I Learn?

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PC Weenies by Krishna M. Sadasivam is a color comic which has recently gone from ten years as a single panel comic to a four panel, newspaper style format. As you may surmise, creating single panel humor is very different than newspaper or comic book format works. You have to set the joke up and deliver the punchlines in different time frames, which lends itself to different kinds of humor and limitations. I applaud Mr. Sadasivam for having the desire and courage to try something new. It would have been very easy to stick with the tried and true.

Fortunately for us, the humor continues to be very funny. PC Weenies is written by a computer geek (see the About page), about geeks and for geeks. There are very nerdy characters and retro styled backgrounds that add a quaint flavor. Don’t read that and leave with the impression that the comic seems old fashioned… it’s a visual homage in the same way that those thick, black rimmed glasses are always worn in the movies to let you know that this character is a tech guy.

Today, many of us are so well versed in tech stuff that we are familiar with what Mhz and RAM stand for, so you’ll have no problem following those kinds of jokes. The humor also involves a great deal of character humor, so don’t think it’s all going to be about transistors and the office. It’s a nerds’ life.

There’s also a neato provision where you can guest-star! You can appear in the comic with your own suggested storyline. For those interested, you can also read up on the creation details of the comic on its blog. These provisions give you a chance to actually be in the comic and know some interesting trivia about it as well. You can be involved in it.

What did I learn?
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Play to your strengths and interests and let it show in your work. Most of all, find a way to connect with your readers. PC Weenies


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