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What Did I Learn?

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Ask Maridee by Scott and Georgia Ball is centered on a young woman named Maridee. She works in an office with cubicles and strange coworkers and a squirrel. Her boss is constantly hitting on her, nicely rounding out the dysfunctional office setting.

While it is focused on the office, the humor is not limited to office. It’s a nice baseline to work from. You can delve into work humor, personal events or any number of other things and return back to the office.

I like the art. It’s got line that varies and really looks “comicky,” which is going to require an explanation. You’ve seen those Disney comics with Mickey and Donald, right? The ones where every line is very finished and perfect proportions are always kept? “Comicky” is not like that. Comicky is where the lines are left open and a bit unfinished but the artwork really has an element of spontaneity and fun. The backgrounds have a bit of substance to them but are typically undetailed.

That’s a pretty cool cast page, too. There are Kodak style snapshots of the characters, along with notes about their role in the comic, all pinned to a piece of corkboard. There’s even some variation on the pins and notes, which is an interesting bit of detail. Everything is written in a script font that looks very much like actual (neat) handwriting and there are little shadows that add to the overall effect.

What did I learn?

What’s the baseline of my comic? What themes or topics do I fall back on? Likewise, what visual hooks do I offer? Do I put some decent effort into making the best comic I can? Ask Maridee has updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, although I am unsure if it will actually continue to do so.

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