Bodega Genius

What Did I Learn?

Bodega GeniusBodega Genius by Ben Granoff and Dov Torbin struck me as a nice little three page minicomic. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the first page differs from the second two in the art style. That is explained as part of the comic itself but I found it very interesting to be able to compare the two artists’ work directly.

One tells the story a little more concisely, uses contrast more effectively and has very good choice of moment, as McCloud would say. The other currently has a better grasp on expressions, does a little more scene setting and develops the dialog a bit more. As artists, we are often leaned toward being self critical but we all have skills and strengths that we should recognize.

Bodega Genius is pretty amusing in that the victory one of the characters is turned around by the other. It’s a sort of rebuttal between good friends. Buddy comics typically are predictable with the friends pumping each other up by the end of the story. Bodega was nicely unpredictable and rings true to life to boot.

What Did I Learn?

Go ahead. Recognize your style and play to it. If you’re fortunate to have friend with a similar interest in making comics then why not do a quick mini comic with them? It won’t take too long and it seems like it would be good fun. Give Bodega Genius a quick read and see what you think.



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