67th Avenue

What Did I Learn?

67th Avenue67th Avenue by Jamie Sawatsky is a four panel newspaper style strip which started in 2005 in black and white up until about here. At that point, color and a newsprint sort of effect is added. That’s a neat visual hook – it is so different than most webcomics you see. Also at that point, the art becomes more solid. Perhaps the wispier lines are eliminated by the color or the artist adjusted his style. I like it much better – also, the artist’s wife begins to get credit here, so 67th Avenue is now technically by Jamie and Tammy Sawatsky.)

67th Avenue colorThe entire cast is made up of Jamie (with the sunglasses,) his friend Tammy, Owen (the Llama) and the Building Manager (who often runs into situations where he rips out of his clothes) and later on some dodgeball players.

I need to warn you that 67th Avenue is very sneaky. I read, for example, this comic and celebrated the victory like I assume everyone else did as they read it. But I missed the sneaky. Am I talking about panel two? That’s amusing but no. I missed out on the list of thugs. Duh! Not every comic is like that but you have to keep your eye on it. Also it turns out that Tammy excels at dodgeball. Watch out for her too.

I should also mention that the newspaper touches add some feel to the site. There’s the date, the newspaper style font in the heading, the Issue number, the price and so on. The top half of the site strikes you like it’s a slightly yellowed newspaper. The bottom even reads “Your audience reads 67th Avenue! Advertise with our paper and your ad will be seen!” According to this blog post, the newspaper site design is to match the newspaper funnies look. Just another part of the visual theme to enjoy.

What Did I Learn?

This comic is a nice example of what we do as we make progress. There are false starts, unexpected turns and sometimes delays as we find our way. If we stick with it and aren’t afraid to try something relatively new then we are bound to have decent results. Usually when we think of a comic’s theme we are thinking of the topics it visits rather than the visuals. That’s kind of an interesting trend to see ourselves caught up in, isn’t it? Comics are primarily visual, after all. Check out the latest issue of 67th Avenue and read all about it.



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