Strip News 6-19-9

TerminusI’m sure that you’ve all heard that Cap America is back from the dead, so here are a few things that are a little further under the radar…

  • MPD57 reviewed Fallen Hunter, Kogoshi and The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank. The Floating Lightbulb mentions Evil Diva and Scott McCloud recommends the work of Kris Dresen. Webcomic Overlook apprehensively reviewed Sin Titulo while Tangents was nicely surprised By Moon Alone. Newsarama managed to review the unreviewable Jeffrey Brown, which is quite a feat.
  • You can see the Zuda competition’s mid-contest rankings here if you want to know how things are progressing. It’s interesting to compare it to the Star Chamber assessment posted at the beginning of the month. The Chamber picked the top three and got about half of the others right (so far.)
  • Size Matters reviewed the Urgent Telex minicomic and Fleen recommends The Glass Urchin.
  • Congratulations as Eben07 hits 100 strips and has a Limited Artist Edition of the For the Love of Russia book. (They also have some cool shirt designs they are considering.) Also, congrats to the Comic Critics on hitting their one year mark.
  • Webcomic Finds is now Lonely Panel. I also can’t wait to see what else she has in mind for the future. As a nice bonus, one new post is about an observation about the fractured webcomic community that I found interesting to consider.
  • Musings also name changed to Pajama Forest while Odori Park reveals its dark submission secrets.
  • MPD57 has a good mix of comic news items that I didn’t cover and Journalista brings us news about MySpace’s decommissioning of their comic section, along with more reviews and other tidbits. The Daily Cartoonist warns us that a PhotoBucket user has amassed quite a collection of comics in her account. These can be embedded on any website so you may want to check and see if any are yours. Alternately, you could create your own PhotoBucket account and self syndicate with free samples. On the other hand, some argue that copyrights should be limited anyway.
  • MPD57 interviews Azure creator Daniel Govar and somehow I missed notifying you that Wonder of Comics interviewed the creator of The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank.
  • When I saw Comic Sales Crash In May, I wondered why they would drop so sharply in a single month. However, sales are down 18% from last year (May 2008) which is the trend I’d been expecting to see play itself out. It could be worse, really. The article gives some reasons along with the information that this trend matches what was seen in the first quarter. Then there is this news about Diamond not paying its bills… hopefully Rich, Heidi or Dirk will indeed get to the bottom of this. (Update: Actually, Tom got to it.) For right now, you might enjoy reading about Why [comic] Companies Fail.
  • And I’ll veer off into a real tangent : Is It Time To Re-Imagine Star Wars? Maybe, although the Clone Wars shows should be allowed to dwindle off the air and it needs to languish for two or three years. I agree with most of the article and I also didn’t buy Anakin’s descent into the dark side. What if, for example, the force powers worked strongly but really didn’t work right? When he jumps, he jumps too high. When he levitates objects, they barely get off the ground and also get crushed. ObiWan tries to instruct him using stricter and stricter training techniques but Anakin is continually frustrated and discouraged with following these tightening rules that don’t work. Then I’d believe that a force dream about an awful future would move him to find a new teacher and side against everything he’s ever known. Of course, you might think of something far better to explain it but I just didn’t accept the whole good kid…good padiwan…good Jedi…kill anyone and everyone… character pattern. Tangent over.
  • Getting back on track now, The Floating Lightbulb self examines some of his conclusions about trends. ComixTalk points us toward Ben Towles experience with KaBlam and Webcomic Planet gives us ten webcomic people we ought to get to know.
  • Drawn! asks us which kind of art student we are/were? I was probably considered average, fortunately or not.
  • Do we think comic industry types ought to be treated like celebrities? Should they be subject to real journalistic coverage and gossipy trash articles? Some of Occasional Superheroine’s readers weigh in. Gossip is never good and at first blush – if people want their privacy respected then their request should be honored. This can be trumped if they are acting unprofessionally and be restricted to that sphere. Those that seek a constant news presence may be inviting themselves into that gossip arena. Of course, there are multiple perspectives on this in the comments but that’s my take.
  • Free comic lessons if you live near NYC, that is. If not, here are the three things your comic’s first few pages need to have. The article is pointed towards supers comics (and novels) but these are probably good things for story based comics to consider and gag a day too. It probably needs to be modified in application but I’m pretty sure these are things that Calvin and Charlie’s creators made sure to include repeatedly. They also have a new article up on ways to make your hero likable. (Apparently, likable isn’t spelled likeable which is how I’d prefer to see it.)


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