Starslip Crisis

What Did I Learn?

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(this is a repost)

Starslip Crisis by Kris Straub is about a decommissioned space warship that now serves as an art museum. That’s a pretty unique hook to catch your interest. It’s also hilarious.

Starslip Crisis is a very popular comic and I can see why. It updates five days a week, the characters are very expressive and if I didn’t mention it before – it is very, very funny. It has this vibe where all the characters have this despair that they’ll never get anything right, after all. And they are resigned to it.

Also, unexpected and crazy things happen so often to these folks that they just shrug their shoulders and roll with it. You learn early on that you can’t use the elevator while the ship is “starslipping” or else really bad science fiction sorts of things happen and sometimes doubly so. You’ll have to read that bunch of Starslip Crisis comics to see what happens – it’s entertaining. Of course, there is always at least one character for whom the consequences are taken much more seriously and they have to deal with it; usually without help.

Finally, the panels seem to stay a consistent size and exactly four panels wide. That gives room for the setup, the beat and the punchline PLUS a little diversion. Sometimes it furthers the overall story, sometimes it is used as a double beat and sometimes it just adds to the joke. There is also the semi-jagged panel outlines which serve to make the art inside them look crisper by comparison.

What did I learn?

Make sure your character designs are expressive. Make sure your format meets the needs of your work and makes it look as good as possible. There is also a succinct summary of the characters and storyline as it has progressed so far. Also, please note that Starslip Crisis has recently moved from its’ old address to a new one, in case you have it bookmarked at the old place.

It also just so happens that as of this update, Starslip Crisis has recently rebooted and is now known as simply Starslip. We blame the fickleness of the time stream for any errors, statements of omission or any other inaccuracies this review contains. We cannot be held responsible for time travelers and their mischief.

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