Unrehearsed Riot

What Did I Learn?

Unrehearsed RiotUnrehearsed Riot by Ian Taylor is a gag comic served up mostly in black and white. The archives are still pretty short but you’ll have to admit it has a catchy name which describes the comic nicely.

It goes beyond delivering one thing while promising something else. After all, when you stop to think about it – most riots are unrehearsed. They aren’t planned and they usually don’t work out like anyone intended. This comic is just like that.

I fell for this. I thought ha- just thinking about the squirrels distracted him. But wait….what does that have to do with what he was doing before he got distracted? Then I realized the squirrels got me too. Duh.

This one had digital text and it stood out as wrong for the comic. Some comics need very consistent lettering to hold them together. In this case, the lettering is a sizable part of how the strip reads and feels. The characters have decent expression and body language but a large part of their character comes from the unevenness of the text.

What Did I Learn?

The assumptions we make about life can limit our comics. Sometimes what we need is a little something like an Unrehearsed Riot to shake things up and give us better perspective.


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