Strip News 6-12-9

art-penSpiraling out of control…

  • Webcomic Overlook reviewed Set To Sea and Tangents looked at Gulch while Pigs of the Industry reviews Quick. MPD57 reviewed Sketch Me, Deadly and iFanboy (via Comixup) shows us The Rack.
  • Comicsgirl reviews three mini comics – Next To You, PS Comics, Little Miss May & Her Kitty, Jub Jub and Down the Tubes reviews Khaki Shorts. Talkin Bout Comics reviews American Born Chinese and Fraggmented looks back into the distant past to Hawk & Dove #4. I seem to recall that they were originally squabbling brothers. I think it was revamped as a guy/girl team a few years later.
  • And Webcomic Overlook brings us some more comic news I shan’t repeat here. I will make the comment that tip-me’s are probably now taboo but tips in exchange for special content seem to be doing okay. I should also mention MPD57’s news post which points out a few more things, such as a link to the twelve things that hurt your webcomic – now updated to fourteen per MPD57.
  • Or you could try billing yourself as undiscovered talent and hope to win $1000 for Outlaw Entertainment. This could be your big break.
  • Maybe you could use this handy 3d to 2d transcription technique featured on Sketch Magazine. Urrr…That’s a little bit of overselling but it does seem to allow you to capture form a little more accurately than just hitting the contour line. For me, it will probably be useful when I’m having trouble getting the visual weight of a subject.
  • Please note pointers four and five – How to sell your small press comic.
  • The Beat interviews Tatsuya Ishida only to discover coffee and revenge.
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  1. Thanks for reminding us about a potentially missed review (and others may feel free to do so as well.) That review made it into Tuesday’s news update:

    A lot of reviews seem to pop up on Fridays and Saturdays and there are enough that it seemed prudent to break it in half by posting on Tuesday and Friday. I may go back to just having a huge post on Fridays if folks really prefer that. It may be that the weekend is prime time for comic fans to check up on the comic news.

    If anyone has input on this, I’m all ears.

    doh! And I see that I originally labeled the post with the wrong month! doh!

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