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What Did I Learn”

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The look of The Front by Jerzy Drozd reminds me of Johnny Quest, in glorious black and white. Of course, the character eyes are a little more expressive and the textures are rendered much better. This is pretty noteworthy considering that it is mostly done with linework. There are judicious uses of grey tones that add greatly to the feel of the comic.

It’s a super hero comic, although it isn’t your typical hero comic. It has some shadowy organization stuff and some kid hero stuff along with super powers and other super heroic tropes. There is lots of good stuff if you like that kind of thing.

The characters are not your typical heroes and it’s not just because the main characters are kids. I remember reading comics about the Marvel character Speedball. He kind of bounced around and they tried to sell him as being a competent hero despite his proven ability to accidentally bounce around and get in the way. He just wasn’t.

Thankfully, The Front has characters that are still geeky kids learning about their powers and getting involved in things way over their heads. It’s good fun. The stories make you want to see what happens next. There are also fun references to other comics, poking a little fun at them.

What did I learn?

Put your own spin on things. Enjoy what you’re doing. Do better than those who’ve gone before you, wherever you can. The name of the comic, The Front is also very clever and well suited to the concept, which is very hard to do right.

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