Xylia Tales

What Did I Learn?

Xylia TalesToday we’ll look at Xylia Tales by Barb Jacobs. It opens with a young gent named Charlie who is not who he thinks he is. At all. In actuality, he is half human and half faery while having immense strength of heart that few others have. He is on a quest to help his love Xylia but always ends up dying in order to do the right thing for others. A little fantasy, a little tragedy and solid story give a little bit of depth but not so much that you can’t get up to speed pretty quickly. I can understand why it gets thousands of visitors.

I have to admit that I am not a fan of stories with malleable and unpredictable realms along with the constant hopping between them.It’s probably very unfair to say that but that is the impression I get when I read the archive in one lump rather than as the updates appear. So rather than continue to let my biases and preferences steal the show, let’s talk about what I liked about Xylia.

The art is top notch with good character design. They also have good facial expressions especially suited for the dreamy genre. I like the little telepathy stars on the word balloons, the varied layouts and the choice of images that move the story along. The colors are very rich and there is quite a lot of detail and texture to savor. The story unfolds believably and in a way that is true to the characters aside from personal nitpicks that aren’t worth delving into.

Interestingly, there is a team behind Xylia. Barb writes and draws, Kez does the web stuff and Canterrain does the promotional stuff. That’s a nice division of labor if you can swing it. Everyone does their thing and the creator can focus on producing the best work possible.

And I should mention they are looking for voice talent for Xylia projects. Here are the guidelines and the prizes for those of you who think they have suitable talents.

What Did I Learn?

For a little variety, take a close up and give it an off center twist horizontally and vertically. Try to find a few friends or partners that can handle the bulk of your web design and promotional duties. And while a given comic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly does not hurt to create your best work. Xylia Tales also seems pretty successful with donations and toplist voting incentives for those of us who might want to try these things out.



  1. Bengo

    Barb Jacobs is a helpful, good-hearted person, and a great example of a webcomicker who brings professional conduct to her work. I don’t know her well, but it’s great to see her comic spotlighted.

  2. cara stardusst

    Don’t forget Nigel’s Opus — the written side-story that adds even more depth to Xylia Tales and also gives readers the chance to get to know Xylia!

    Also, Barb’s donation incentives are amazing.

  3. cara stardusst

    And the video chats! Barb invites her readers to chat with her on a number of topics as well as watch her at work creating her webcomic.

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  5. OctoDude

    I’d like to second Bengo’s comments and expand upon them a little.

    I had followed Xylia Tales (along with several other webcomics) for a while personally when a business project came up that needed art we couldn’t provide in-house. Of the various artists reviewed, Barb Jacobs was the one selected to approach, due to her outstanding work on Xylia Tales, among other projects.

    She has been very professional and a joy to work with.

    Xylia Tales and Barb’s other works are highly recommended.

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