Strip News 5-5-9

voxWow. Hang on tight.

  • Down The Tubes reviewed Semiotic Cohesion 4, Comic News Info looked at Robot 13 and Pigs of the Industry reviewed Sketch Me, Deadly, The Last Werewolf, The Corpse Carries A Gun and Goo Goo’s Changeling, a Zuda hopeful. Tangents briefly reviewed xkcd and the Webcomic Overlook picked a comic from the request pile called The Original Nutty Funsters and an infinite canvas comic called Pup. The Comics Reporter reviewed Jin and Jam plus Reich. The Forbidden Planet reviewed the starkly drawn Nicolas and shows us Lifestrips while Comics Worth Reading looks over Galaxion Book 1.
  • Down The Tubes also has a nice starting list of comic review sites for those looking to promote their comics- even though it mainly focuses on print comic reviews right now. They ask for more suggestions. If you’ve got plans to enter the British Market, you may want to get your printed comic into the hands of some of the reviewers they mention. For the rest of us, it appears we just need to take advantage of this marketing trick. (Not so much a trick, really.)
  • Please tell me that after seeing some of these vehicles that you will get them into your comic somehow. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the Bear Nuts gang go for a drive together?
  • Comics Worth Reading interviewed Tara Tallan of Galaxion and Webcomic Overlook reveals the existence of a comic called Original Life. ComixTalk featured Wasted Talent and Drawn! showed us Entropy.
  • Maybe we can draw together? If not, perhaps you’ll be able to submit your cartoon here and get paid for it.
  • I would have like to have seen this cartoon show that Warner Brothers ‘lost interest in.’ Too bad. But seeing that we’re now in an official Star Trek revival, maybe you can get a fun tee-shirt – like Johnny Zito’s entry in this Trek shirt contest. His shirt is pretty unique and deserves your vote, right? Here’s another fun shirt suggestion from Topless Robot
  • Journalista shows us some great stuff in the June 2 update, including work by Uwe, Matt Blind’s discussion of seven types of book store customers and a link to the latest Size Matters review of Folk.
  • Sadly, Nickelodeon Magazine has run its course and so has Nexus and David Carradine. I think I’d prefer this explanation found in the comments instead of what’s being said so far. Our condolences to his family and friends.
  • Via PW Beat, we find someone who expressed what many of us had, no doubt, been unconciously thinking deep in our minds as we read over each month’s Zuda entries.
  • ComixTalk sends us to 100 pages from the Zot! print collection and CBR shows us a peek into the new Mice Templar.
  • Still not done. I like the look of Webcomic Rumble and I’m sure I’ll be pointing you there a lot. What else? Newspaper comics are shrinking via The Daily Cartoonist and my initial analysis of the difference between Bing and Google is that Bing seems to go for the keyword first and then apply a popularity to the results while Google goes for the popular and then shuffles by the keyword relevance. Feel free to shoot holes in my off the cuff scientific survey but here are the first twenty site results (in order) that I got from searching for ‘webcomics':(Bing=) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    and(Google=) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  • And MPD57 tells us to expect the new Star Chamber for June 2009 along with officially designating the word webcomic persona non grata AND he explains that (for basically the same reasons) that Calvin & Hobbes is not really a comic. Awesome. It was a busy day for Mike. =)


  1. I thought the same thing when I was recording them. Some were in there twice and others don’t really do all that much with webcomics so you should really have ranked higher. =)

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