Strip News 6-2-9

EmiTownThere is simply too much going on every week to save the features until Friday…

  • Lily of the Valley wins the May 2009 Zuda competition. Congratulations. And a milestone: Dovecote hits 100 strips. Congrats to you guys too!
  • In other news, Kleefeld reviews Runners and says it is one of the best sci-fi comics he’s ever read online. Pigs of the Industry reviews Amber Hale and Size Matters reviews Hot Town and Getting There.
  • Comics Alliance brings us their webcomic pick of the week entitled ‘moving out.’ Webcomic Critique answers some reader mail about reviewing. That was pretty clever.
  • Newsarama brings us David Peterson’s thoughts on Winter 1152. There is a nice description of the work and a few choice sentences from the creator.
  • What kind of image can you make just using a sheet of paper? No paint no ink, no marks of any kind and it would be cheating to use scissors. Could you create an image of a room or maybe a staircase or even a landscape? I will echo the immortal words of Zaphod Beeblebrox and say “freeow.” (It was Zaphod, right?)
  • In any case, how can we benefit from A Whack On The Side Of The Head? That’s right. We can release our creativity.
  • I stumbled across this behind the scenes Invader Zim info, complete with audio (at least I hope so. I just found t but can’t listen until tomorrow.) Cool.
  • I’m digging Sexpercussion’s placement of their 125 PW ad on the right, even though the comic is on hiatus.
  • NBM talks briefly about hitting that sweet spot with that effortless seeming but interesting cartoon linework. On a side note, I glanced at the newspaper today and the comics that have been successful over many years seem to have a comic height of eight or ten text lines. Take a look at Peanuts or Mother Goose and other mainstays of newspaper comics and you’ll see they fall in that range. Many of the newer comics in my local papers have text only half as tall and some of the older comics that have held spots on the roost have smaller print as well. I have some initial speculation but I’m basically wondering if the ten-text size is something important. Coincidence or competence?
  • I’m sure there will be a petition or something to avoid this show getting the ax. Where will I be able to buy an S if that happens?
  • You’ve probably seen Blambot’ newest fonts for June 2009 but there it is just in case you haven’t.
  • And Drawn! brings us some production work from Lou Romano on the new Pixar movie ‘Up.’ Also, if you happen to be an AT&T U-verse customer then you may get to see the new Wallace and Gromit film. No, my feelings aren’t as hurt as they sound. Really. sniff.

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