Strip News 5-29-9

28_marxmith_smallLotsa stuffs this Friday…

  • Kez tells us how we (as a community) could SERIOUSLY ROCK. Go read it, I’ll wait.
  • DrawerGeeks does Star Trek. (Image right->)
  • Meanwhile, I Am Legend reviews Failed Objective and Lil Nyet. The Webcomic Overlook reviews gave Clumsy Love one quick punch. Webcomic Critique hit Candi and Musings and while I wish I could continue the brawling theme that has manifested itself, I can’t quite say that Tangents pummeled Return to Green Hollow and Nahast. Storming The Tower reviewed Old Man Winter, Pigs of the Industry looks at Freak CIty, OPSEC and Clandestino while MPD57 reviewed Amber Hale, Lily of the Valley and Sides and Dead. Digital Strips reviewed Piled Higher and Deeper and Manga Blog points us toward sixteen manga reviews and a new blog from Viz, the publishers of the late Shojo Beat. Then there was a review of Giant Clam from Down The Tubes and Size Matters reviews The Would Be Bridegrooms. Digital Strips solidly reviews SuperFogeys
  • School Spirit is about to turn 5 years old and just crossed the 700 strip mark.
  • Wonder of Comics interviews the creators of Amber Hale, Supermodel, Lily of the Valley, Beertown B’hoys and Earthbuilders. ComixTalk interviews Caleb Sevcik
  • I think this means that a new Dovecote Crest storyline is starting up. Yep. Sure is.
  • You can also get your SuperFogeys fix on the iphone now.
  • What if you did something truly attention grabbing with your comic? Now the question is not how many pages your comic will have but how many sides.
  • Comics Worth Reading recommends French Milk and I’d like to see some of these Redeye Magazines. Can anyone across the pond tell the rest of us about the magazine?
  • Lifehacker shows us some super awesome stupendous business cards. I’m thinking that some visually catchy business cards and something simple like a hole puncher could give you something rememberable and not take a long time to do.
  • Feel free to disagree but I’m not sure that a comic’s About page and New Reader page should always be the same thing. There are some good ideas there in any case.
  • Spider Forest is apparently about to accept applications for more members in their collective. Read over Kez’s advice and apply if it interests you.
  • I don’t know if this strip news has been overly happy but here is less happy strip news. Maybe you rooted for one of the just announced Reuben winners?
  • And don’t miss out on something that every comic creator goes through whether they like it or not.


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