Strip News 5-26-9

Lots of art biz stuff…

  • Daryl Cagle says we should all self-syndicate our comics out.
  • And to do that, some would suggest we write out our scripts. This can be a little intimidating because we tend to think visually not in words but here’s one fun, creative way to write out your script in a way we’d find easy to imitate. You may also want to read this article which reviews some comic scripting software. Please also note that Comic Life is not a scripting program but is TOTALLY AWESOME and may be a huge time saver for you. The word balloon features (by themselves) more than justify the price, in my opinion. Never mind trying out all those photoshop tail tricks or creating balloons by hand.
  • A handy reference to reading a printer’s spec sheet, first pointed out to me by Journalista in this post.
  • And maybe you want to build yourself a lightbox. As it so happens, I have a couple of decent windows, so I’ll save the $15, if you don’t mind.
  • But say you’re looking toward the future when people will be able to send each other customized versions of your comic’s video in a greeting card. What?!? Do I sound crazy to you? Err, crazier than normal?
  • Maybe not so crazy is Comics Worth Reading’s suggestion on a couple of books about breaking into the comic business.
  • And Scott McCloud talks about Neil Cohn’s use of science to prove McCloud’s theories about how we recognize cartoon faces and icons. This is pretty late breaking stuff but it makes sense to me that the brain gets the point quicker when a face is more iconified (basic cartoony features.) That’s what brains do – they take huge amounts of data, simplify the structures and boil the data down to its need-to-know essence. Why do I think that’s a big deal? If we understand how the brain processes images and icons, we can add that as a technique in our comic creating toolbox. We can make comics that have improved, gut reaction effects on the reader as they progress through the story. Say that we learned that square shaped eyes in smily faces usually makes viewers ‘read’ anger while triangles ‘read’ as crazy-happy. Then we’d better be able to have our characters emote simply by squaring off their eyes.

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