Strip Features 5/22/9

Scottie Young's Wizard of OZOkay, we’ve all seen the news about the Captain Britain comic and Shojo Beat magazine being cancelled, who will probably star as Thor and Loki in the next Marvel movie, the Wolverine nay-sayers are speaking up, Star Trek has mainstream fans again and TV networks seem to be ending the popular chows and promoting the underperformers. Oh, and one comic collector is going to jail because of his comics. Anyway, maybe some of these links can serve as a distraction for you.

  • Storming The Tower reviews The Zombie Hunters and the The Webcomic List has a peer review thread where the next poster reviews the last poster’s comic. As of this writing, there are about twelve comics reviewed which are filled with pretty constructive criticism. Pigs Of The Industry takes a look at Beertown B’hoys and so did MPD57. I think bMPD57 is winning out since he also covered OPSEC and Clandestino.
  • This 3d thing may have some potential, though it seems like an awful, awful amount of work at the start. If it someday allows for you to take a panel and spin it around to change the point of view then it could be truly groundbreaking. oooh. Then a series of talking heads would require the reader to turn the view and see who was talking next – only to see one character stomping off in anger or something. Then it’s a decision…Who do you follow in the story? Interesting. There aren’t a lot of details more than some screenshots, so perhaps I am hoping for too much.
  • In any case, This Week in Webomics interviewed Brandon Bolt of Nobody Scores!.
  • Also, I love it when Scott McCloud starts getting all comics map time with us. Maps can be twisted, stretched and misshapen to accomplish various uses. And I like the concept of infinite comics but I’m not sure I want to see every panel of a comic all at once.
  • There is much to understand about our audiences. For example, what if there was a discussion on what annoys your fellow artists about webcomics? Would you want to know what makes them click away from your comic?
  • I can just barely resist making the most terrible in-case-you-didn’t-have-a-clue pun here but I did like this take on the Clue characters by Colleen Coover, courtesy of Daily Crosshatch.
  • But it’s not all fun and games, is it? Mickey Mouse is no longer with us.
  • And I’ll throw this in here from Six Chix. It never fails that I learn some new approach or handy shortcut every time I see how another artist does things. In this case, I see a mid step between writing the script and thumbnailing it which may be worth trying.
  • I just know those of you with spy or supers comics may want to work in some of these gadgets.
  • Please tell me this is old news for you. If not, you’ve missed out.

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