Little Creature

What Did I Learn?

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Little Creature by Ursula Vernon is a different kind of webcomic. As a matter of fact, it challenges my notions about what a comic “is.”

I quickly found myself thinking mostly about the way this comic is set up. You see, my first impression is that if there is more text than images, then it’s a story with illustrations. Children’s books are like that, especially.

Wait a minute, though. Why should I have such a strict definition of book or comic? In this case, the images are striking and powerful. They provide a significant part of the Little Creature experience. If you took them out, the text would fail to have the special life it does. And I don’t think this comic would have been as effective as it is with more pictures or less words.

The main character, a Little Creature, has a choice to make that could have a major effect on the world. That’s as much summary as I feel comfortable offering up, but it’s definitely a comic. It rises based on the visuals and the text gives it motion.

What did I learn?

Know your preconceptions and do not let them rule you. Don’t be afraid, it’s just a Little Creature.


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