Strip Features May 15, 09

TerminusIs it just me or is it getting harder to track all the interesting comic news?

  • Webcomics Critique told us about A Fine Example and Shattered Myth. MPD57 reviewed Cubicles while Pigs Of The Industry looked at Gone Zombie and Lily of the Valley. And the Star Chamber’s prejudging of this month’s Zuda entries is apparently showing how strong a force marketing efforts are in swaying the final Zuda vote each month. At This Week in Comics, it takes a comic to review comics. Storming The Tower reviews and somebody gives Tangents grief because it wasn’t a webcomic under review this time. The Webcomic Overlook reviews while Boing Boing gives us the skinny on The Best of Dinosaur Comics. Read About Comics reviews Bourbon Island 1730 review and MPD57 tells us about Freak City and Flowing Wells. Pigs of the Industry looks over Sides and another look at Flowing Wells.
  • Kukuburi returns with a new page every day until today and then new pages Tuesdays and Thursdays henceforth. One other place this was mentioned was Mr Myth’s site, which also offers other comic news tidbits that I declined to mention. I can”t cover everything…like one of ComixTalk’s blogs telling us about Odori Park.
  • Outlaw Entertainment was interviewed on Comic News Info and Jason Burns talks about their graphic novel specialization and their submission policy.
  • File Under Other tells us about Worms #3 and Lost Kisses #7 and #8.
  • And here’s a milestone: Addanac City hits 200 strips. Congratulations!
  • And I saw this, so I want to see if I can find some claymation comics out there somewhere. In my brief search just now, I did find a 176 page book with Wallace and Gromit comic strips.
  • And what does the inimitable Tom Richmond think about print comics vs. webcomics? Are print comics better? What future is there for webcomics?
  • This comic is pretty amusing, too.
  • I agree with this – you can make this stuff up but it’s better when you don’t have to.
  • Capes & Babes first 200 strips are available through Lulu.
  • Can you believe that Galaxy Quest is ten years old already?!?
  • Be sure to check out some other news at Optimum Wound and ComixTalk, too. They covered some things that deserve to be looked over.


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