Strip Business May 12,09

More on Diamond and site statistics…

  • I see the last paragraph in this article says that Diamond isn’t the bad guy and comic sales were up 1.5% in 2008. I realize that everyone needs to eat but good comics are more widely varied than what will meet an arbitrary sales threshold. Just sayin’. And then you might want to check out IDMB’s wonderfully ranty article about how the direct market is suicidally failing comics.
  • I found this post entitled 17 Statistics to Monitor on Your Blog which is part of ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build A Better Blog series. There were others in the series that may be useful in your circumstances.
  • Why not make it easy to let other folks use your cartoons on their websites like Dans Cartoons.? Of course, it would be easier if there was a generic plugin that let us put in OUR own comic in there… but not everyone is in favor of others using their images without paying a fee. I’m sure the embedded comic can be set up with a link back to the publishing site included IF they haven’t payed the licensing fee.
  • We also get a very good series of tutes from the War of Winds site which includes scripting, flats, shading, lighting effects and lettering tips. I especially liked the part about layering the background gradient colors under the shadows ad I’m looking forward to trying that out next time.
  • This making a media kit seems like a good idea but I tend to think (for most with less than 5k in daily traffic might want to think twice about setting a minimum bid. My first reaction is to predict a total lack of ad buyers but I am willing to try it as an experiment starting May 7th (last week) with the 160 ad – I’ll let you know how it goes over a month set at a minimum bid of 20 cents a day. Displaying your merch or alternate comics by default is a very good tip that I can fully support. Alternately, Kleefeld also has some interesting thoughts on making money with personalized comics, too.
  • And you’ve probably already seen Blambot’s May 2009 fonts, right? Plus the forum has some easy penciling guideline techniques.
  • Then there was Sketch Magazine’s fun little video on one point perspective. I like that it wasn’t too technical.
  • I think this is one of the big keys to webcomic success in the future. The ability to react quickly to current events and make visual commentary on it is something that can’t really be done any other way. I don’t know that editorial cartoons in their current form really meet that demand but I don’t think the demand went away.
  • So if it takes you 10,000 hours to get really good at something, three hours of practice each day means that will take you eight years to be a master at it. (You could do it in one year if you had 27 hours a day to devote to it.)


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