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Some quick bits to enjoy…

  • CBR reviews and Tangents looks at Stupidity in Magic. Mr Myth examines ErfWorld while Storming The Tower gave Tiny Kitten Teeth and The Secret Knots the eyeball.
  • Breaking some boundaries, we see Comics Alliance pointing us toward Nawl which is a little too much for me. The strobe/flashing/blinking/jumping effects do fit the comic’s tone and setting, though. I enjoyed Art In Sequence’s post about the expanding infinite canvas.
  • Interestingly, Brock from SuperFogeys gives a peek into his comic creation method. What’s this ‘buffer’ thing everyone’s all goo-goo over anyway? bah! Seriously, he talks about how audience feedback impacts his strip.
  • And if you’ve been meaning to check out Rainbow Orchid online then you may want to do it before May ends. There is also an interview worth reading linked in the article, as well.
  • Finally, Waid offers us some amusing insights into how an artist can provide a good cover shot. You would think that number one would go without saying, but…
  • As always, there will be more comic news and fun things to see next Friday on

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