Handle With Care

What Did I Learn?

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Handle With Care by Diana Sprinkle is a manga styled black and white comic with tones (although it’s not quite as detailed as the cover.) It’s self described as a “comedy of errors” and “Summary: Eric has too many problems… the worse one is his terrible hideous no good bad luck. It’s so bad in fact that if he doesn’t make this one last delivery he’ll lose his job at Box Xpress. That’s bad because this job is literally the only thing he has. Watch as everything including trucks, blimps, and even the box he’s trying to deliver strive to ruin Eric’s last chance.” So you know who’s involved, what the problem is and why it is important.

It’s only fifteen pages, but it seems to have been done in a spirit of challenge. After all, it’s hard to write a story where you introduce the characters, set up the scene and then resolve it all in just fifteen pages. The timing of the resolution is perfect. There were just enough obstacles, events and conversation to be interesting before it ended. I wanted to see a little more of that world than what we are shown, but that’s a good thing. That means the audience wants to return.

There were also tiny comments inserted that add to the fun. Some of them are descriptive and very necessary, like the word “confetti.” Others are more like side comments, incidental to what’s going on. Some of the comments are background dialogue and presenting them this way keeps the focus on the tighly scripted storyline. Yet others are explanations of some things that there just wasn’t space or time to show.

What did I learn?

Short, quick stories will hopefully leave your readers wanting more. Consider adding in comments that enhance the comic or bring out extra things your audience might appreciate. Handle With Care is a quick, fun read that makes you want to come back.

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