Strip Features

A little less to gawk at this week, but fun nonetheless.

  • Tangents reviews Instant Classic and This Week in Webcomics checks out SuperFogeys. Meanwhile, the Floating Lightbulb points us toward Werewolf and Firefly.
  • Newsarama shows us two books for children by comic book folks.
  • Take a look at this interview of Close To Home artist John McPherson. I like his perspective on life in the single-panel newspaper cartoon biz and you can see the comic on Go Comics.
  • Some may have trouble remembering why we do this comic thing. It can quickly become all about business and goals. Let’s be reminded to just enjoy the process.
  • I found this to be a useful tidbit about doing ensemble cast scenes from Tom Richmond.
  • And i09 has this article about superhero identities. It does a lot of wondering which side of Superman is really the secret, masked identity and mourning how various DC characters no longer have a secret side. When Batman shows up, do you call him Bruce or The Bat? In this age of forensic analysis, I often wonder if the concept of a believable secret identity needs to be overhauled. Bruce Wayne might need to take some obscenely complicated steps to reduce his ‘evidence footprint’ while a hero not locked to a particular place like Gotham might be able to get away with a series of disposable identities. Even in Gotham, it would not be impossible for someone to tail the Bat enough times to figure out the general area of Batman’s hideout and triangulate in. Someone like Daredevil, on the other hand, with his smaller area of patrol would have an even rougher time avoiding being followed back to his home. Superman actually has the leg up with his powers allowing him to dodge pursuit a little more easily, provided his Clark identity kept his distance from Superman stories. Anyway, it’s an interesting article that also covers different kinds of secret identities.
  • Ink Destroyed My Brush shows us some recolored classics, asking if artists should recolor their earlier works to update them. I happen to have the opinion of this-should-be-very-rare, but this post helped cement my opinion on current comic coloring. You can see the images through the link on Ink, but these days much comic book art is all highlites like that. It’s got some pop to it, but I get bored looking at it. Having said that, I so want to see more than flats but the color should not overwhelm every other facet of the comic.
  • I’m just throwing this in here because someone might do something very cool with it.
  • I’m liking Lackadaisy’s site facelift. And I hope the folks over at Dovecote Crest get their site troubles fixed.
  • I’m still baking the idea in my mental frying pan, but I’m sure we can come up with some creative uses for our own versions of these. I’m shying away from the obvious ‘comic cred’ and leaning more toward an art trading cards sort of gimmick. Something fun. Joker money, you know?
  • As always, there will be more Strip Features next Friday on

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