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Some interesting things going on in comics business these days…

  • First, this is a public service announcement. I received an email from Google Adsense which requires me to log in to the Adsense site and get a phone call from Google verifying my phone number. And then I received another email that they are sending me a pin via snail mail. If I do not complete this verification within four months, the email threatens, then my site will display public service ads. If six months elapse, then whatever earnings I have will be paid back to the advertisers. Since I have been patiently waiting for Adsense to hit the payout threshold, I have to ask myself if that piddly money is worth all the hassle I’ll probably get from potential spam mail and phone calls? I haven’t yet bothered with this since I am sincerely hoping that this is a scam.
  • First it was Google, now Alexa has made some page rank adjustments.
  • I liked learning about the different ways that sites handle troll comments.
  • If you can’t get ahold of Photoshop, maybe you can make do with the GIMP and some tweaks.
  • Looking for some ways to guide your readers into taking some desirable action, like buying your new trade or signing up for your newsletter?
  • Wonder what your readers want? Be like This Week in Webcomics and poll them. Waffles for the win!
  • What do you think about the viability of on-demand magazines? I can imagine some readers compiling their own favorite webcomic comic books or small businesses producing their own mini catalogs. Say we made our individual comics clearly available for licensing or produced short 4 page books to drop at the local laundromat with the url plastered all over it? I’m sure you’ll be far more creative about this than I.
  • And courtesy of Bengo, Cartooning Into the MarketplaceTom Wilson, internationally syndicated Ziggy™ cartoonist and celebrated author, and Jeanette Smith, the powerhouse behind the DILBERT™ brand and former Vice President of Licensing at United Media/United Feature Syndicate will combine their expertise to create a unique teleconference called CARTOONING INTO THE MARKETPLACE.Learn from the Pro’s how to give your cartoons a substantial advantage to gaining success! This program will bridge the gap between your creativity and reaching your audience, providing the essential elements that every emerging cartoonist, humorous illustrator and character animator must know to leverage their talents and take their creativity to the national and global markets.

    These industry veterans know how difficult it is to get detailed information and straight answers to successfully navigate this confusing marketplace. In addition, Tom and Jeanette are committed to keeping the price down and providing an incredible value for attendees. Plus the interactive event will leave time for Tom and Jeanette to answer questions.

    Date: April 22, 2009
    Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm PST
    Price: $90.00/USD

    To reserve your place, you can REGISTER NOW FOR THIS EVENT at

    Included in this class:
    Jeanette Smith presents: Ascending the Marketing ”Staircase”
    Topics will include: Choosing Your “Platform”, Building Exposure, Selling Your Creativity, Syndication and Online Media Today, Licensing’s Role in Cartooning, Contracts and Negotiations, Legalities, Agent/Creator Relationships, Marketing Leverage Points and Brand Building

    Tom Wilson discusses: All Character Matters

    Topics will include: The Creative Need and Spirit, Character Delivery (Style, Humor and Positioning) Character Development, Launching Your Cartoon, Character Longevity in a Changing Marketplace, Working With Manufacturers, Protecting Your Property, Your Character as a Brand, Working With Agents

    Tom and J’net Q&A: A great opportunity to get those questions which cross over between creativity and marketing answered! Conference will likely go overtime to answer as many questions as possible. There will be no additional charges.

    Please note: This conference will utilize separate telephone and online visuals, which will require downloading software prior to the event.

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